Lumidisk Lumidisk Play in the Lumidisk arena and try to turn all of your opponents discs into your colour. Watch out, because you can also accidentally transform yo... 4.3 Epic Time Pirates Epic Time Pirates Now its time to be the captain of a special boat! Your crew is counting on you to lead them toward exciting adventures. Shoot your way through and... 4.2 Tower of the Archmage Tower of the Archmage Choose one of four classes of mages and start your adventure in the Tower of the Archmage! Create your own spells, defeat foes in turn-based combat... 4.2 Stickman Rapid Fire Stickman Rapid Fire An automatic cannon placed in the middle of an enemy base, and your task is to eliminate all the enemies from within. Do not let them destroy the w... 4.2 Vehicle Parking 3D Vehicle Parking 3D Park your car in the right place without hitting anything. Even a scratch will make you lose the game. Prove you are an excellent driver! 4.4 Trigger Down Trigger Down Step into the shoes of an experienced mercenary sniper whos on a very dangerous mission. Your enemies can appear at any time, so be quick and skil... 4.2 Spectromancer: Gathering of Power Spectromancer: Gathering of Power Spectromancer: Gathering of Power! Choose one of the mage characters and prepare yourself for a magical fight. Summon mighty monsters to aid you in... 4.3 Mystic Riders Mystic Riders This is a classic arcade game. Two young sisters fight against the terrible monsters. They fly in the air on their broomsticks and battle against e... 4.1 Troll Cannon 2 Troll Cannon 2 Troll Canon is back with more exploding levels! This trol phenomenon appears on various fora and memes. But how did it get there?! With the Troll ... 4.2 Gulf Defence Gulf Defence You are a peaceful president of a country in the Middle East. Everything goes right till suddenly strange angry soldiers from far far away try to s... 4.2 Willy The Wizard Willy The Wizard The Kingdom is under attack and the King needs your help to protect his 25 daughters! Your mission is to defeat all the enemies without harming the... 4.2 War Card 2 War Card 2 Defend your castle with magic cards. Send troops, cast magic spells and think about your next move to defeat your opponent. This game is inspired b... 4.3 Rawr Rawr Fight the creatures in this epic online game! Help Hayley save the forest from the dirty businessman. This online game has 51 skills, 40 ingredient... 4.3 Hellbound Rampage Hellbound Rampage Destroy everything on your screen! Pull down buildings, smash cars and create ultimate destruction! Perhaps you remember the arcade game Rampage?... 4.1 Arco Summoner Arco Summoner An epic battle for the card game fans! Use the right cards to defeat the enemy and his shadow. Your goal is to destroy the enemies red Nexus. You c... 1
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Dutch quiz show from TV. You get a set of questions and you can choose the easy or the difficult one.


Play the game with the mouse

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