Ultimate Tower Ultimate Tower Protect your keep from being overrun by the orc troops. The King is dead and it is up to you to lead the army into battle. Build barracks and arche... 4.6 Ricochet Kills Space Ricochet Kills Space Shoot the zombies in space! Can you hit all the zombies with your bullets? Use the ricochet pads to bounce the bullets and hit zombies that you don... 4.6 Plants vs. Monsters Plants vs. Monsters Plant all kinds of plants in your garden to keep the monsters out. You will need to plant sunflowers to generate energy to plant the rest of the pl... 4.6 Hordes of Doom Hordes of Doom Hordes of Doom is an epic game about survival against hundreds of enemies. You play as the most feared wizard in all the lands. Your task is to pro... 4.4 Walking Dead Parking Walking Dead Parking In this The Walking Dead Park It 3D game you must dodge zombies while collecting items. Collect all the materials you need and rush back to your sa... 4.6 Dead Zed 2 Dead Zed 2 Fight in the middle of a zombie revolution. You must hold for 40 days untill you get rescued. Grab your gun, aim and shoot down all zombies. 4.4 Cydonia 2 Cydonia 2 Prepare your weapons! In this game you will shoot a lot. Fly through various environments on earth and other places. 1 Bloodbath Avenue Bloodbath Avenue Try to get to the bunker safely through the zombie infested streets. These walkers will eat you alive. So take them out quickly, and remember, aim ... 4.4 Once In The Cave Once In The Cave Venture into the mysterious world of this evil wizard. There are many weapons and magical stuff to find like a wand, potions, swords etc. The game ... 4.3 King Of Dragons King Of Dragons In 1991, Capcom released The King of Dragons, an arcade beat-em-up in which five warriors were rushing into battle against Gildiss plans, the King ... 4.3 Dirty Earthlings Dirty Earthlings Your ship has crashed and human military forces are trying to capture you. Defend yourself against the attacks while you wait for the mothership to... 4.4 Artillery Rush Artillery Rush Open fire on the battlefield and use different kinds of ammo to overcome every obstacle. Aim carefully with your cannon and destroy as many enemy t... 4.9 Band Of Heroes Band Of Heroes Band Of Heroes - Might And Pillage looks like a RPG but its more of a top down shoot em up game. Use arrow and bow, magic and other weapons to sur... 4.6 Swat Tank Swat Tank Military experts have invented a new type of weapon to use against terrorism. A light single tank for SWAT forces. In this game you can test this w... 4.7 Willy The Wizard Willy The Wizard The Kingdom is under attack and the King needs your help to protect his 25 daughters! Your mission is to defeat all the enemies without harming the... 4.8
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Dutch quiz show from TV. You get a set of questions and you can choose the easy or the difficult one.


Play the game with the mouse

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