Hurry and Escape: The Pirate ShipHurry and Escape: The Pirate ShipYou are trapped on a pirate ship and you must escape before it leaves town. Find a way to leave the ship. If you meet the captain, help him so he does...8Bomboozle 3Bomboozle 3The goal of this game bubble game is to free the island from the bubble invasion. Click on a group of 3 or more bubbles to destroy them! Use bombs to ...8Pirates of the Undead SeaPirates of the Undead SeaPirate Black Sam has spent many of his years sailing the seven seas. In those years he has plundered hundreds, no thousands, of ships. One day his - Sail the seven seas looking for treasure and a good fight in this funny 3D adventure game. Play for free now!Pirateers 2Pirateers 2Sail across the ocean, fight against other pirates and collect a lot of loot. That's the life of a real pirate in Pirateers 2! 8Isle Of Earthly DelightsIsle Of Earthly DelightsYou have stranded on an island. Now you have to help the captain explore and escape the Isle Of Earthly Delights. This game is an artsy point and clic...6Pirate BayPirate BayHelp defend the pirate bay by sinking all enemy ships. Destroy each ship by shooting them down with your cannons. Can you stop them all? 8Top Shootout: The Pirate ShipTop Shootout: The Pirate ShipPlay the pirate shooter game Top Shootout: The Pirate Ship now! Pirates and CannonsPirates and CannonsPlay a game of battleships and try to sink your opponents fleet. Place your own boats in the grid and add some mines to trick your enemy. Take turns f...6Angry PiratesAngry PiratesPirates cannot live without robbing someone. Use your cannon to fire your guns at the other ship and steal their treasures. Calculate the angle and fo...8

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