Disney Zootropolis Disney Zootropolis Run after the thief with police officer Hopps from the new Disney movie Zootropolis! Can you catch up with the thief? You have to avoid tripping ov... 4.3 Penguin Skip Penguin Skip In Penguin Skip you need to jump from one iceberg to the other and help this little penguin find all the fish he can eat. The more fish you get and... 4.3 Don't Collide with Spikes Don't Collide with Spikes Jump through the level with your fish. Try to collect the coins as you go. Every time you hit one of the walls, new spikes will appear. You have to... 4.1 Colorful Colorful Your mission in this funny challenging platform game is to navigate the little cube through the dreary area and color some blocks. Hop into color p... 4.1 Beneath The Trolls Beneath The Trolls In this platform game Beneath The Trolls you must make it to the surface. Jump platforms and shoot down trolls. Use WASD and your mouse to move. 4.2 Frogout Frogout Use your sticky powerful tongue to rescue the world from the evil mutated flies! In this challenging game you jump around as a frog catching juicy ... 4.2 Super Frog Super Frog This frog has super skills and can jump, eat and survive as the best. Help this frog in this game reach the exit by jumping over dangerous obstacle... 4.2 Round the world 2 Round the world 2 Grab your ropes and try to jump around the whole world! 4.1 Ninja Plus 2 Ninja Plus 2 Collect all coins but make sure you dont die. 4 Circus Girl Circus Girl Swing and make sure that the monkey can catch you. 1 Ninja Plus Ninja Plus Use your Ninja Rope and Kunai to collect coins as quickly as possible. 4.1 Dreadrock Dreadrock Try to climb as high up this mountain as possible using your grappling hook! Watch out for falling rocks! 1 Bendy Spidey Bendy Spidey Take control of Spidey, shoot your web and swing above the city streets, see just how far you can get! 1 Stone Falls Stone Falls Help Mowgli venture through the jungle using vines. 1 Spiderman Jumping Spiderman Jumping In order to achieve your goal, you have to make it to the end of each level. Grab as many items as you can. 4.2

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Advanced Ninja

Advanced Ninja

4.3 11.291


Are you good enough to become an advanced ninja?


Use space, WASD and your mouse to play.

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