Tower of the Archmage Tower of the Archmage Choose one of four classes of mages and start your adventure in the Tower of the Archmage! Create your own spells, defeat foes in turn-based combat... 5.6 Treehouse Hero Treehouse Hero Treehouse Hero is a game that combines Peggle with a defense game. Fling your cute rodent hero in order to defeat monsters. Collect goodies and ext... 1 Dark Deception Dark Deception You are locked inside the monkey hotel. You must collect soul fragments before the evil monkeys catch you. This game is something like a scary pacm... 5.3 Flappy Bird Angry Bird Flappy Bird Angry Bird Play this strange version of Flappy Bird! This time you must not dodge pipes, but destroy them! The game will get harder as time progresses. To pla... 1 The Great Bazooki The Great Bazooki Ladies and Gentleman! Here comes the Great Bazooki! Help him make a great show by throwing cards at baloons. Its a fun physics puzzle game that bo... 1 Holy Crap, Bears!! Holy Crap, Bears!! You are responsible for organizing a kids camp. But thats not such a easy task in a forest full of bears. Use your intuition to rescue the childre... 4.9 Thing Thing Arena Classic Thing Thing Arena Classic Build your own character, choose the perfect weapon and survive for as long as you can against endless hordes of enemies. Do you have what it takes... 5.4 Spectromancer: Gathering of Power Spectromancer: Gathering of Power Spectromancer: Gathering of Power! Choose one of the mage characters and prepare yourself for a magical fight. Summon mighty monsters to aid you in... 5.1 Once In The Cave Once In The Cave Venture into the mysterious world of this evil wizard. There are many weapons and magical stuff to find like a wand, potions, swords etc. The game ... 4.9 Funeral Corpse Funeral Corpse Kill hordes of zombies that attack you. Perform different attacks and defend yourself. U strong attackJ attackK jumpI skill 1 Token Hero Token Hero The pretty princes has been kidnapped! The brave heroes and knights of the Kingdom are set out to rescue, but they failed. Now youre the only hope... 5.2 Stormy Castle Stormy Castle Defend your castle while you attack the enemy. Build important buildings like barracks and blacksmiths to improve the skills of your troops. Dont ... 5.5 Band Of Heroes Band Of Heroes Band Of Heroes - Might And Pillage looks like a RPG but its more of a top down shoot em up game. Use arrow and bow, magic and other weapons to sur... 4.9 AL Project AL Project AL Project is a mix between a game and a graphic novel. You will be amazed by how pretty and awesome this game is! Search every corner for items an... 1 Willy The Wizard Willy The Wizard The Kingdom is under attack and the King needs your help to protect his 25 daughters! Your mission is to defeat all the enemies without harming the... 5.3

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Try to destroy your opponent using special attacks and buy upgrades.


Mouse = Attack

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