Boss Shootout Boss Shootout Try to shoot down the flying boss in each level. Grab the rocket packs that are dropped down, but watch out for the spiky blocks and monsters the b... 3.8 Ricochet Kills Space Ricochet Kills Space Shoot the zombies in space! Can you hit all the zombies with your bullets? Use the ricochet pads to bounce the bullets and hit zombies that you don... 4.3 Hobo Total War Hobo Total War Our crazy hero Hobo escaped from prison, as expected. All army forces behind Hobo and everyone wants to catch him alive or dead! He has to escape! ... 4.7 The Parking Dead The Parking Dead In this amazing The Parking Dead game, you will control a punk style car with a skeleton driver. You need to park the car at spotted places! Start ... 4.3 Stick Blender Stick Blender Defend the blender against a giant wave of attacking stickmans. Throw them into the blender where they will be crushed into a bloody drink! Enjoy! 4.2 Beast Battle Beast Battle In Beast Battle you can become a warrior or magician. Clear enemy territory while collecting crystals to boost your defense or attack power. There ... 4 The Great Bazooki The Great Bazooki Ladies and Gentleman! Here comes the Great Bazooki! Help him make a great show by throwing cards at baloons. Its a fun physics puzzle game that bo... 1 Pirates SOS Pirates SOS Meduso, the big wizard, has locked all the pirates in bottles. The spell only worked on humans, so the parrot has been spared. Smart as he is, he s... 4.1 ClickBattle ClickBattle Take out Vikings in this colorful strategy game. Align many of the same colored wizards and click them to commence an attack. This funny game combi... 1 Spectromancer: Gathering of Power Spectromancer: Gathering of Power Spectromancer: Gathering of Power! Choose one of the mage characters and prepare yourself for a magical fight. Summon mighty monsters to aid you in... 4.3 Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Play the epic continuation of the Epic Battle Fantasy saga! The heroes are back and ready for the next battle. This online RPG game uses turn-based... 4.2 Stickman Valor Stickman Valor Venture into the dark woods in search of enemies to destroy them in a bloody fight. Upgrade your armor and unlock new levels in this fun Stickman g... 4.3 Fantasy Carnage Fantasy Carnage It gets colorful to the max! Run, jump, shoot, shoot and shoot in the arena of this platform action game! 4.2 Monster Craft Monster Craft Make your own army of monsters and robots. Combine parts with DNA and create a powerful team. Hunt for monsters, breed better ones and become the c... 4.3 Deus Shift Deus Shift You better take some time for Deus Shift. A competitive, two player multiplayer, strategy game. Deus Shift has nine unique units, and tons of poss... 4.2

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Try to destroy your opponent using special attacks and buy upgrades.


Mouse = Attack

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