Refrigerator Rampage 1 Refrigerator Rampage 1 Try to dodge all the falling refrigerators with your stickman. As you play, power-ups will float down on little parachutes. Can you grab them for e... 4 Ninja Defence Ninja Defence Samurais are on their way to fight! In this amazing action game, your mission is to defend the lands of ninjas from enemy samurais. You can stop th... 4.7 BattleShip Strikes BattleShip Strikes Are you ready to conquer oceans with this BattleShip Strikes game? This amazing shooting game based on angles. You will try to scuttle the enemy sh... 4.7 Stick: Gangster Duel Stick: Gangster Duel In this amazing Stick: Gangster Duel game, very challenging moments are waiting for you! Enemy stick figures are falling down from air and you have... 4.6 DPS DPS Delve into a tough battle against terrible monsters in DPS game. DPS stands for Damage Per Second. Choose a game mode and upgrade the different att... 4.6 Epic Revenge Epic Revenge have an Epic Revenge in this action platform game. Use WASD to run and jump, and use your mouse to aim and shoot. 4.5 The Thrones of Fantasy The Thrones of Fantasy Fight your way to the top to become King! Grab your sword and sandals and take out each enemy. You can customize your character by allocating point... 4.3 Hordes of Doom Hordes of Doom Hordes of Doom is an epic game about survival against hundreds of enemies. You play as the most feared wizard in all the lands. Your task is to pro... 4.3 Gangster Granny Gangster Granny Help this Gangster Granny robbing the bank. She just escaped from prison and shes already doing bad things. Take out police and buy new weapons wi... 4.4 Shambles Shambles One night you woke up and went out onto the streets. Almost everyone was turned into a zombie! Armed with a flashlight and weapon you must now defe... 4.5 Global Crysis Global Crysis You are a mercenary who lost a lot of money in gambling, and now has to work for the organization to pay your dept! Customize your character, trave... 1 The Impossible Quiz 2 The Impossible Quiz 2 Solve all questions in the Impossible Quiz 2. For some questions you need the mouse or keyboard and in some occassions youll need your brain. Thin... 4.6 Once In The Cave Once In The Cave Venture into the mysterious world of this evil wizard. There are many weapons and magical stuff to find like a wand, potions, swords etc. The game ... 4.3 Deus Shift Deus Shift You better take some time for Deus Shift. A competitive, two player multiplayer, strategy game. Deus Shift has nine unique units, and tons of poss... 4.5 War Card 2 War Card 2 Defend your castle with magic cards. Send troops, cast magic spells and think about your next move to defeat your opponent. This game is inspired b... 4.5

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Try to destroy your opponent using special attacks and buy upgrades.


Mouse = Attack

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