Papa's CafetariaPapa's CafetariaIn this game you work at Papa Louie's hamburger restaurant. Can you grill the burgers and build the perfect burgers for your customers? Look at the or...8Papa's Hot DoggeriaPapa's Hot DoggeriaJe moet werken voor Papa Louie in de Papa's Hot Doggeria restaurant om zo het beste plekje te krijgen in het Griller Stadion. Gril en serveer heerlijk...8Papa Pear SagaPapa Pear SagaThe goal of Papa Bear Saga is to launch a pinball through the game and gain as many points as possible. Try to hit as many thigs as you can and the go...8Papa's PastariaPapa's PastariaToday you will work in Papa's Pastaria. You must take orders, cook delicious pasta, add the correct sauces and serve as fast as possible. Make pappa L...8Simpsons Kick Ass HomerSimpsons Kick Ass HomerThe Simpsons are on another rage! Help Bart smash his fathers ass in this online game. Kick Homer with the baseball bat and other items you can buy at...8Papas PizzeriaPapas PizzeriaIn Papa's Pizzeria you must help Roy run the pizzeria while Papa Louie is gone. You must take orders, top and bake the pizzas, cut them and present th...8Papa's Taco MiaPapa's Taco MiaIn this Papa Louie game you're working at Papa Louie's taco bar. Can you make delicious tacos for your customers? Don't make them wait too long, or th...6Super DadSuper DadDad is not so good at taking care of the baby. He's home alone, can you help him do a super job? He's quite clumsy and not so smart, so you will have ...4Pappas PizzaPappas PizzaKeep your restaurant going for as long as possible, and don't miss orders! 8Pajama BoyPajama BoyThis boy had to go to bed early. But he doesn't feel like sleeping yet. He's hungry for some candy, so he sneaks out of his room and goes scouting. He...6
Big Gift For Dad

Big Gift For Dad



Can you choose a lovely tie to give to dad on father's day? Choose the pattern and the colour and a matching tie pin. You can also choose the colour of the gift box and the ribbon. Have fun arranging this beautiful father's day present!

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