Darth Vader Hair Salon Darth Vader Hair Salon Darth Vader is tired of being the celebrated bad guy and has started a new business as a hairdresser. Help Darth Vader give his former-enemies-turn... 4.2 Easter Bedroom Design Easter Bedroom Design Decorate your room with beautiful Easter and Bunny themed furniture. You can choose a cute bed with bunny-shaped pillows and Easter Bunny sheets, B... 4.1 Blast Pit Blast Pit Can you protect your pawns from the enemy. Strategically place your turrets in order to save the innocent civilians from the men with swords. The h... 3.9 Panda Love Panda Love Run through the levels with the panda and jump at the right moment to avoid hitting the metal spikes. Can you collect all the coins? Once you have ... 4.3 Old City Escape Old City Escape Try to escape from the old city. Break out of the prison cell and climb the tower. Before you can escape by sea, you will also have to shoot down a... 4.2 Delicious Emily's New Beginning Valentine's Edition Delicious Emily's New Beginning Valentine's Edition In this special Valentines Day edition, you can help Emily get her restaurant back up and running. Emily and Patrick now have a small baby, and it... 4.3 Electric Racing Electric Racing Race along the road and try to overtake all the other cars. If you get close to other cars they will give you an electric charge that will speed up... 4.4 Prince and Princess Elope Prince and Princess Elope A great adventure welcomes you with this 2 player game! In Prince and Princess Elope, you and your friend can play together instantly on same pc! C... 1 Be Fireman Be Fireman Are you ready to be a fireman? Your childhood dreams about being a firefighter is coming true with this Be Fireman game! Pick up your stuffs and se... 4.3 A Bonte Christmas A Bonte Christmas Your girlfriend is very picky on what she wants as christmas present. Travel around the world to find her the right presents. This christmas game h... 1 Hurry And Escape The Lab Hurry And Escape The Lab You woke up inside a strange room. It looks like someone has trapped you inside of it. You escape, but then you just end up in another room! There... 4.1 Vortex Point 3 Vortex Point 3 A man has disappeared from the Vortex Hotel. The owner believes he is eaten by the lake monster. You think differently. Investigate and find the man. 1 Clusterz! Clusterz! Get rid of all bubbles in this online bubbleshooter game Clusterz! Make combinations in this bubblegame of 3 or more of the same colored bubbles. Y... 4 Ode to Pixel Days Ode to Pixel Days This platform game is about a young boy, Hans. He has a crush on a cheerleader, but she rejects him because he is ugly and not charismatic. Hans is... 4.2 Amusix Violin Amusix Violin Transform your keyboard into a violin and turn your computer into a musical instrument with this fun musical game Amusix Violin! Discover the music... 4.1


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Make words of the letters on your screen.


Use the mouse to play this game.

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