Delicious Emily's Hopes and Fears Delicious Emily's Hopes and Fears Emily and her husband Patrick are trying a new venture. A picnic stand. Emilys mother and her friend François are helping. Can you serve all your c... 4.3 Onperfect Onperfect Can you help daddy block and baby block complete all the platform levels? Jump over the obstacles, move the boxes, and collect objects to finish ea... 4.1 Delicious Emily's Childhood Memories Delicious Emily's Childhood Memories Emily is back at her parents farm. She remembers her first job in catering. Can you help her serve all the customers and collect photographs to ad... 4.3 Delicious Emily's Tea Garden Delicious Emily's Tea Garden Emily has opened a tea garden. Can you make sure this new business runs well? Serve the customers as quick as you can. Take their order and collect... 4.1 Eierrace Eierrace Launch the egg up into the air to grab the twig. This will make the ladder appear. Can you get the egg to the ladder? Try to do it in as few moves ... 4.3 Papa Louie 3 Papa Louie 3 Papa Louie Arcade 3: When Sundaes Attack is a fun platform game in which you have to save all your friends from the mutated ice cream and other fru... 4.6 The Explosive Squad The Explosive Squad In this online shooting game your city is under attack! Shoot down as many strange creatures as you can. During your battle parachutes are falling ... 4.3 Tower of the Archmage Tower of the Archmage Choose one of four classes of mages and start your adventure in the Tower of the Archmage! Create your own spells, defeat foes in turn-based combat... 4.2 Moonhex Moonhex Play as a ninja and save the world from dangerous monsters! Dodge attacks and prove youre a real ninja. 4.1 Dark Deception Dark Deception You are locked inside the monkey hotel. You must collect soul fragments before the evil monkeys catch you. This game is something like a scary pacm... 4.1 Ufo Run Ufo Run Evade obstacles, collect stars and get as far as possible in UFO RUN! Ufo Run is a game about a little alien who runs around the castle tower. Obta... 4.4 Superblade Superblade Two ninjas face it off in a battle to the death. Fight your enemy and take him out before he kills you. Your enemies are always better equiped and... 1 Bejeweled 3 Bejeweled 3 In Bejeweled 3 you will discover new ways to play Bejeweld. Swap jewels to match 3 of a kind. Fill the row at the bottom of the game to proceed to ... 4.9 Trucking Zombies Trucking Zombies The fate of the world is now in your hands. Together with 3 other men you are going on a mission to take out all the zombies. Kill them all with di... 4.2 The Rabbit Fell in Love with the Wolf The Rabbit Fell in Love with the Wolf You wont expect it much, but the wolf and the rabbit are madly in love! The instinct of the wolf makes him want to eat the rabbit though! Thats n... 4.4


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Make words of the letters on your screen.


Use the mouse to play this game.

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