Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a fun RPG turn-based game in which you have to choose a starter Pokemon to befriend and form a Rescue Team with. When ot... 4.3 FNAF World FNAF World There is something wrong in the Animatronics world. Help Freddy Fazbear and his other friends from the Five Nights at Freddys games travel through ... 4.1 Gum Drop Hop 4 Gum Drop Hop 4 Jump through the platform levels with your little gum drop. Can you pick up all the pips and jump onto all the platforms? Make sure you do not fall... 3.9 Wheely 2 Wheely 2 Wheely the little red car is in love with the pink car. Unfortunately, his girlfriend has been towed away by the tow truck. Can you help Wheely res... 4.4 My Sunny Resort My Sunny Resort My Sunny Resort is a fun holiday management game in which you have to run your own holiday resort. Create your very own holiday paradise and manage... 4.3 Onepiece Online Onepiece Online OnePiece Online is an amazing tower defense MMO game that based on the “One Piece” manga series. The Great Age of Pirates has arrived! As a brave p... 3.8 Doors 2 Dave's New Job Doors 2 Dave's New Job Our cute hero Dave finds a new job in a construction. He arrives job at the first day but no one takes care of him. He left alone on the top floor ... 4 Messi Cr7 Saw Game Messi Cr7 Saw Game The evil Saw has captured Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Now they must play a game to save the Brazil World Cup 2014. Click on objects inside this po... 3.9 Dungeon Nightmares Dungeon Nightmares Enjoy this extremely terrifying game.. Every night when you go to sleep you wake up inside an endless nightmare. You must escape from a dungeon nig... 4.1 Shop Empire Rampage Shop Empire Rampage You have worked hard for years and then suddenly you and many other employees get fired! The boss didnt even know your name! Seek revenge! 4.2 Back In Time 2 Back In Time 2 Youve just bought a time machine that you will use to get back to the 90s. You will take part in the audition of the Bag Street Boyz. You think it... 4.1 Good Daddy 2 Good Daddy 2 Travel with your son through the world of this platform game filled with puzzles and difficult situations. Control the Good Daddy and his son. You ... 4.1 Be Ready Be Ready Dangerous fruit ninjas have captured the royal family! Search for the King and Queen and be ready to fight against the evil attacks of the enemies... 4.2 Spellsword Spellsword In this RPG adventure game you play the the hero that the city needs. Use the arrow keys to move and press enter to interact. 1 Nelly 2 - Ep 1 Nelly 2 - Ep 1 Experience the wonderful adventure of this little girl Nelly in the fairy forest. This point and click adventure game takes on a mysterious journey... 4.2

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Crazy Haunted House

Crazy Haunted House

3.7 452


Your friends have been trapped in this crazy haunted house. Try to save them!

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