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Token HeroToken HeroThe pretty princes has been kidnapped! The brave heroes and knights of the Kingdom are set out to rescue, but they failed. Now you're the only hope le...6PokΓ©mon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue TeamPokΓ©mon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue TeamPokemon Mystery Dungeon is a fun RPG turn-based game in which you have to choose a starter Pokemon to befriend and form a Rescue Team with. When other Poke6Socrates JonesSocrates JonesAfter an unfortunate event, accountant Socrates Jones finds himself in the nature of morality. Try to earn back his life by speaking with people. Batt...Stick RPG 2Stick RPG 2Move to the town of Stickmen and start your life over. Gain charm points, intelligence, strength and money and work your way up into a nice place and a nic6Pokemon Yellow VersionPokemon Yellow VersionPokemon Yellow is the Special Pikachu Edition of the original Pokemon RPG game for the Game Boy Color. Your starter Pokemon is Pikachu. Travel the Kanto re6Death NoteDeath NoteL or Raito? Who are you going to follow? It's a dating game! Just follow whoever you like better and try to interact with them nicely by clicking the ...8Nelly 2 - Ep 1Nelly 2 - Ep 1Experience the wonderful adventure of this little girl Nelly in the fairy forest. This point and click adventure game takes on a mysterious journey in...6Lone SurvivorLone SurvivorLone Survivor is a psychological adventure platform game. Walk through this strange world and discover it's tale. It's a big game so loading can take ...8Grow CubeGrow CubeLet this cube live by building stuff on it....8Grow WorldGrow WorldBuild your own civilization. Try to figure out a correct order for the civilization. ...8


Your friends have been trapped in this crazy haunted house. Try to save them!

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