Elsa Frozen Real Haircuts Elsa Frozen Real Haircuts In this game you can give Disney Princess Elsa a new haircut! You can cut her hair, shave it, or use the magic potion to grow it back. Blow dry her... 5.4 Delicious Emily's Honeymoon Cruise Delicious Emily's Honeymoon Cruise Emily and her husband Patrick are on their honeymoon cruise. Aboard the cruise ship, Emily and Patrick are helping their friend François. He has ju... 7.2 Papas Pancakeria Papas Pancakeria Help Prudence and Cooper run Papas Pancakeria! You must bake pancakes, make french toast and make waffles. papa Louis is not in his restaurant tod... 6.1 Magic Aromas Magic Aromas Abby has a passion to grow flowers with unique fragrances. She wants to be the best! So she must work hard. Help her create unique combinations in ... 5.4 Heroes of Mangara: The Frost Crown Heroes of Mangara: The Frost Crown Send an mighty army of warriors and wizards to destroy zombies and other mythological creatures. Place towers strategically and destroy each enemy. 5.8 Merry Township Merry Township In Merry Township you will have to search and find hidden objects. Find them within the time limit and click them. There are multiple levels you ca... 5 Catalance Catalance In Catalance you have to stack cats for a family picture. Keep them steady for 4 seconds or you will lose. Can you solve all the 40 levels and coll... 5.9 Duck Hop Duck Hop Run and jump with your duck through the levels of this fun online platform game. Keep your duck happy by collecting all the smileys across the leve... 5.5 Magical Friends Magical Friends This trio of colorful girls are ready for the perfect look! Try to find the best outfit for each girl. Serious or funny clothing, try it all and ma... 5.3 Kitt's Kingdom Kitt's Kingdom Take the role of the cat Sergeant Kitt and defend your town against waves of canine onslaught! Upgrade your tower and recruit soldiers. Restore pea... 5.3 CP6 CP6 Get your CP6 robot ready to go through all levels. Search for the exit, but beware! You cannot jump and red platforms make you shrink! Good luck! 5.9 Maker Of Arms Maker Of Arms The King has chosen you as his new weapon-smith! He has a big list of weapons he needs, can you make them? In this game you must click on the castl... 1 Shop Empire 2 Shop Empire 2 Shop Empire 2 is a populair game. It has more stores, people and more pleasure than the first game. It also has more clever thiefs that want to rob... 7.1 Detective Paul in Small Town Detective Detective Paul in Small Town Detective The journalist in this small town is missing. Now its your mission to collect information inside town and find out who is behind this strange disa... 1 Japanese Lolita Japanese Lolita This Japanese beauty needs a make over. Grab the make up tools and get at it. When youre done dress her up with real traditional Japanese clothing... 1
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Uncle Antonio needs Emily's help to get out of financial trouble. Help Emily rescue her family's finances in five all-new restaurants, each with a unique menu and theme. Use your earnings to purchase decorations to make your customers smile. Emily's friends and family are on standby to help, but it's going to take your serving savvy to get Uncle Antonio back on track. Featuring two game modes, all-new customers, and hours of fast family fun, Delicious 2 Deluxe is just the thing to satisfy your craving for fun.


Play this game with your mouse.
Use the mouse in this game.

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