Blast Pit Blast Pit Can you protect your pawns from the enemy. Strategically place your turrets in order to save the innocent civilians from the men with swords. The h... 5.2 WereBox WereBox Some balls can turn into blocks and blocks can turn into balls! Can you set of the right transformations to knock all the red balls and blocks over... 4.7 Baby Hazel Fairyland Baby Hazel Fairyland Accompany Baby Hazel to a Magic Show full of fairy magic. Can you help Baby Hazel and her friend take part in the magic show? Have fun with the two... 5.2 Baby Hazel Helping Time Baby Hazel Helping Time Can you help Baby Hazel help her parents around the house? Start by looking after Baby Matt and cleaning the living room. Can you also help Dad iro... 5.7 Party For Father's Day Party For Father's Day Help mom and baby make a delicious fathers day cake for dad. Can you mix all the ingredients and bake the cake. Then use the yummy fruit to decora... 5.2 Baby School Uniform Design Baby School Uniform Design Can you sew a new outfit for baby? First, take babys measurements to make sure the outfit will fit. Then choose a pretty fabric to use. Can you pi... 5.2 Baby Barbie Allergy Attack Baby Barbie Allergy Attack Baby Barbie was playing in the garden when suddenly her skin got very itchy and her nose started running. Now Baby Barbie has a bad rash! She must ... 5.5 Snow White Real Haircuts Snow White Real Haircuts Snow White is visiting your hair salon. She would like a completely new haircut. Can you help her try out something new and cool? In this hairdress... 4.8 Paasei Neemt Wraak Paasei Neemt Wraak The Easter Bunny killed the father of Pasquale the egg by dipping him in chocolate! Can you help Pasquale hunt down the Easter bunny? Make your way... 4.9 Barbie Angel Bride Barbie Angel Bride Its time for Barbies wedding and she is really excited about her wedding ceremony! But first she needs to choose the best wedding dress to be the... 5.4 Rock vs. Zombies Rock vs. Zombies The block-shaped zombies are invading your home! The only weapon you have is a giant rock. Fight the zombies by squashing them with your rock. Ever... 5 Baby Barbie Frozen Costumes Baby Barbie Frozen Costumes Baby Barbies favourite animation film is Frozen and now she wants to be like one of the Frozen princesses Elsa or Anna. Would you like to help her... 5.2 Ellie Honeymoon Love Ellie Honeymoon Love Ellie and Ken finally married and now its time to take them out on their honeymoon. They are very excited about their honeymoon and they need to l... 5.8 Baby Hazel Christmas Dream Baby Hazel Christmas Dream Baby Hazel wants to celebrate Christmas! Join Hazel to enjoy interesting Christmas activities along with Santa. Visit Santa’s castle and help him w... 4.9 Frenzy School Frenzy School In this Frenzy School game, you are working in a school. Choose you character first than start to complete specific tasks that has given to you. Ea... 5.5

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Design Your Own Locker

Design Your Own Locker

5.6 238


School is boring, but not your locker! Design your own locker in this fun girl game. Grab paint, stickers and other stuff to decorate your locker. Then there´s atleast something fun at your school.


Play this game with your mouse.

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floramolly +0 i am in high school and im in spen. my locker is toats like this!
emliy +0 who dose that like so 1984 so old and lame
emliy +0 so by the way lame stuff
louistomlinson10 +0 by the way louis and niall are mine so back off
louistomlinson10 +0 when im in high school my locker will look ecact same as it is now
makaylabaddazz +0 mii locker is bout to be hard
meemee5944 +1 my locker is going to be just like this ween i grow up
meemee5944 +2 so fun