Happy Mart Happy Mart Are you ready to build your own supermarket in this awesome Happy Mart game? Lets start this game and show us some of your management skills. Buil... 4 Frenzy School Frenzy School In this Frenzy School game, you are working in a school. Choose you character first than start to complete specific tasks that has given to you. Ea... 4.3 Frenzy Pizza Frenzy Pizza It is saturday night and you are working in a pizzaria. Its very busy today! Bring customers to their tables, take orders and serve orders. 4.1 Gracie's Fruteria Gracie's Fruteria Help Gracie in Gracies Fruteria with her fruit business. Take the right fruits to the customer. Earn money. Reach daily goals and upgrade your sho... 4.2 Baby Care & Cure Baby Care & Cure You are pediatrician and your duty is to give the correct treatment for children within the time. You can earn money by treating them and purchase ... 4.1 Candy Fun Candy Fun Produce the finest chocolate of the country in your very own candy factory. Your goal is to earn 1 million dollar. Order supplies, buy machines and... 4.1 Crazy Market Crazy Market You work in this crazy market. Make sure theres sufficient goods for sale, if needed resupply the stocks. Buy new stuff and complete daily missions. 4.3 Tinysasters Tinysasters This tiny world is constantly disturbed by natural disasters. You must help the people get the situation under control. In order to control the... 4.2 High Tea High Tea Play as a independent British smuggler thats selling opium in Chinas Pearl Delta. Buy cheap and sell high, thats how you make profit. Make sure ... 4.2 Giga Miner Giga Miner You must mine your way to riches by mining for minerals and gems to sell. 4.3 Camper Camper Start your own campsite during a hot and busy summerseason. 4.3 Hotel Management Hotel Management Help your customers as soon as possible so they remain happy. 4.2 Fun Beach Fun Beach Serve the people at the beach. Keep them happy and safe at all times. 4.2 Sami\'s Nail Studio Sami\'s Nail Studio Do you make the most beautiful nails?Do exactly what the costumer asks and earn money. 4.3 Emily\'s Tea Garden Emily\'s Tea Garden Spoil your customers with delicious food and earn enough money to make Emilys dream come true. 4.2

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4.2 115


Prepare delicious dhaba and serve as many customers as possible!


Left mouse button = Click to perform action.

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