Papas Freezeria Papas Freezeria Youve got an amazing summer job at Papa Louis Papas Freezeria. Papas icecream restaurant (yep, a restaurant for icecream) is on the tropical isl... 4.8 Painters Guild Painters Guild In Painters Guild you must make paintings, sell them and develop your guild into the greatest of the Renaissance. Experience the early life of Leon... 4.8 Frenzy Hotel 2 Frenzy Hotel 2 Frenzy Hotel is back with Frenzy Hotel 2! Help Lisa welcoming her guests, guiding them to their rooms and serving them the best drinks. Manage the ... 4.6 Lemonade Land Lemonade Land Remember those old DOS games where you had to sell lemonade? Well, this game looks somewhat like it. Collect the ingredients and earn money by sell... 4.3 Garage Frenzy Garage Frenzy There are some busy days in the frenzy garage! Many cars need to be checked, repaired and need to get serviced. Reach daily goals and unlock upgrad... 4.5 Happy Tower Happy Tower Build a happy tower in this fun tycoon game. Build accommodation and hire staff to serve the visitors. Roll up those sleeves and get to work in thi... 5.5 Dress Up Shop Dress Up Shop You are the best dress up shop in town and you must take care of your customers. Bring them the right cloths. They will buy your trendy clothes if ... 1 Knead for Speed Knead for Speed Ready, set, dough! Bake your way to glory with six bread-crazed brothers. 1 My Kingdom For the Princess 2 My Kingdom For the Princess 2 Manage new areas as you gather wood, food and repair shacks, woodmills, roads and bridges. 4.3 Camper Camper Start your own campsite during a hot and busy summerseason. 4.5 Kelly Summer Job Kelly Summer Job Kelly has her hands full working 4 part-time jobs and needs your help! Help her bake fresh bread, groom cute pets, style hair and create tasty ice ... 1 Super Ant Super Ant Serve the right items to your customers. 1 Pizza Dude Pizza Dude You are the pizza dude and its showing! Make sure the pizzas dont hit the floor! 1 Crossing The Road Crossing The Road Youre the crossing-guard and its your job to help the schoolkids cross the road safely! 4.5 Emily\'s Tea Garden Emily\'s Tea Garden Spoil your customers with delicious food and earn enough money to make Emilys dream come true. 4.5

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4.5 115


Prepare delicious dhaba and serve as many customers as possible!


Left mouse button = Click to perform action.

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