Jelly Slide Jelly Slide Play Jelly Slide now! 4.2 is based on, although this game makes use of alle kinds of funny internet memes and power-ups that allow you to eat blobs that are... 4.2 Doggy Dive Doggy Dive Try to dive as deep down into the sea as you can with the little dog. Collect coins for points and blue bubbles for air. Make sure you do not hit a... 4 Plunger Plunger Plunger is a perfect game for those with quick hands and an even quicker mind. Connect the goal nodes but evade the nodes that can hurt you. Find t... 4.4 ZigZag ZigZag Roll the little ball across the platform and make sure it doesnt fall off. Everytime you click or tap, the ball changes direction. Can you collect... 4.2 Timbermen Halloween Timbermen Halloween Play a funny Halloween version of the game Timberman. Can you chop down the massive tree without being hit by any of the branches? Try to get as fa... 3.8 Super Santa Rush Super Santa Rush Santa is out delivering presents. Because it is Christmas time! In this game youll help Santa Claus by guiding him and his reindeers over de rooft... 4.1 Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Click on all the monsters that appear on the screen to destroy them! Get enough money to buy upgrades that will make you even stronger! 4 Fishy Rush Fishy Rush Collect many coins in Fishy Rush while avoiding all dangers of the sea. Watch out for evil sharks, electrifying fish and spiky blow up fish. You ca... 4.2 3D Fire Fighter Parking 3D Fire Fighter Parking Always wanted to become a fireman? Now is your chance to drive that big red truck! Sit down, buckle up and show how to park this truck like a boss! 3.8 Orbit Breaker Orbit Breaker Fling your flying saucer from planet to planet to destroy them one by one. 1 Rektagon Rektagon Watch out for the falling ceiling! Run quickly into the gaps to survive this super fast agility game Rektagon! 4.2 Your Own Box Your Own Box Jump as high as you can! Collect all the power ups and avoid the dangerous pins. You can jump on enemies to defeat them. Dont forget to buy upgrades! 1 Crest Breakout Crest Breakout Solve all puzzles and help the chicken escape and collect all the eggs. 4.2 Ricoshooter 3 Ricoshooter 3 The alien robots are back and you need to use your ricochet bullets to get rid of them. Take them out with as less shots as possible. The bullets b... 1

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Diep Zee Duiker

Diep Zee Duiker

3.9 174


Your task is to collect the floating sea weeds. Be careful, as there are various obstacles in the form of poison.


Use the mouse to move.

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