ZigZag 2 ZigZag 2 This red ball is making his way across a platform made of cubes. The rocky road through space is tricky and full of corners and edges. Try not to f... 3.7 Frenzy Bakery Frenzy Bakery Ever wondered what it would be like to run a bakery, There is a lot to do like taking peoples orders and cleaning the tables and baking all the goo... 4.2 Tap The Frog Tap The Frog Tap the frogs to make them jump and fly through the various minigames. Win stars to unlock more new minigames to play. Log in with Facebook to save... 4.3 Knight Tower Knight Tower Try to climb up the tower with the knight. Jump from left to right to get to the right platforms. Dont miss, or you will fall down. You also mustn... 3.9 Sevens Sevens The dice come rolling down. Can you play them away by making combinations that add up to seven? You will win points or cash for playing away the di... 3.9 Sharks Can Fly Sharks Can Fly Drag the shark downwards and let the shark fly! The goal of this game is to collect all the clovers. Also watch out for the spikey turtles! 4 Frenzy Gas Station Frenzy Gas Station You work at a gas station and your mission is to serve customers as fast as you can. Put gasoline into their vehicles, guide them to the toilet or ... 4.2 Rat Maze Rat Maze You play as a very smart rat thats trapped inside a maze full of obstacles, traps and other dangers. Collect all the food you find along your way ... 4 Arranje That Level Pack Arranje That Level Pack In this game you must remove blocks to make the other ones fit on the dotted lines. Blocks that are in the right spot will turn green, others that ... 4.2 Papa's Donuteria Papa's Donuteria Take orders in Papas Donuteria and start making donuts! You will make all kinds of donuts. The most popular donut is the regular ring shaped donut... 4.7 Cicily's Vegetable Stall Cicily's Vegetable Stall Cicily opened a new store where she will sell fresh vegetables. Help her run the store by selling many veggies. Make sure that her customers are ha... 4.2 Papas Freezeria Papas Freezeria Youve got an amazing summer job at Papa Louis Papas Freezeria. Papas icecream restaurant (yep, a restaurant for icecream) is on the tropical isl... 4.6 Ice Cream Booth Ice Cream Booth Serve delicious ice creams and keep your customers happy! Too slow and is the icecream melting? Then your customers will walk away mad. Try to earn... 4.1 Pou Tooth Problems Pou Tooth Problems Pou has a serious problem with his teeth. He ate too much candy, and it shows! Play as his dentist and clean his teeth. 3.9 Car Yard Car Yard Make quick decisions and keep your car out of danger. Dodge bullets and other dangers. Do not let them take you to the Car Yard! 4.5

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Diner Chef 3

Diner Chef 3

PEGI-7 PEGI 7   
4.2 52


Assist the diner chef with preparing delicious meals for his customers and put a smile on their faces. Reach daily goals and upgrade your restaurant.


Play this game with your mouse.

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