Earth Taken 3 Earth Taken 3 The earth has been taken over by space aliens! Can you escape from the space alien cloning base and rescue some other survivors. Make it to the hum... 5.6 Pyramid Maze Pyramid Maze The explorer and his daughter have found a temple to explore. Can you make your way through and collect all the gems. You can only go through the e... 5.3 Crusader Truck Crusader Truck Race through the alien moon base. Can you hit all the aliens with your car or shoot them with your guns? Try to collect coins, hearts, and explosiv... 5 Doors 2 Dave's New Job Doors 2 Dave's New Job Our cute hero Dave finds a new job in a construction. He arrives job at the first day but no one takes care of him. He left alone on the top floor ... 4.9 Twin Cat Warriors 2 Twin Cat Warriors 2 A great adventure is coming to you again! In Twin Cat Warriors 2 game, youll control these cat warriors with your friend on same pc! Help them on ... 5.3 Escape Pyramid Escape Pyramid Your mission is to investigate an ancient pyramid. But there are a lot of obstacles on your path that can cause you to lose your way out. Search fo... 5.1 Spy 2 Spy 2 Infiltrate your competitor and discover their deepest secrets. You must do this with stealth, you must not be seen! Blend in with any object and av... 1 Time Swap Time Swap You father has disappeared without a trace! Use a device that will let you see different situations your father has been in. This device will help ... 1 Super Sight Super Sight Welcome in the arena of Super Sight! Fight against evil guys in a full 3D world. Defeat them all and enjoy this fun 3D Unity Game! 1 Nog Nog Nog is the name of this strange creature that is searching for his girlfriend in this liquid world. Jump platforms and wacht out not to fall off. 1 Final Charge Final Charge Run, jump and climb walls like its nothing! This is an excellent retro platform game where your goal is to activate all beacons. 1 Knight Runner Knight Runner This is the story of a young but brave knight. His beloved princess has been captured by savages. He has to get her back. But that is not so easy a... 1 Adventures Of Popcorn Adventures Of Popcorn In The Adventures Of Popcorn you have to collect many eggs. Be careful for the dangerous guardians though! They will eat you raw. You can also play... 1 Horse Thief Horse Thief A simple game with music and horses. That is how you describe this game. You can play as many times are you like, but its meant to start the day. ... 5.1 Lodge Massacre Lodge Massacre After a shocking call a police officer is sent to some dark hotel. Some gruesome murders have happened, but who or what is behind this? 5.4

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5.3 93


You have to collect the eggs and bring them back to your nest.


Use the arrow keys to soar and the space bar for the kamikaze attack.

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