Animal Quiz Animal Quiz Can you guess the names of all the animals? Look at the pictures and the letters. The letters are all jumbled. Tap them in the right order to spell... 10 Disaster Will Strike 3 Disaster Will Strike 3 Use various natural disasters to destroy all the dinosaur eggs and restore peace to the world. Can you make all the structures around the evil eggs... 4.2 Awesome Ranger Awesome Ranger Rescue the fairies that the robot monsters have trapped in bubbles. Once youve collected the fairy, try to make your way back to the ship. Can you... 4.2 Box! Box! Your mission in this amazing game is to navigate three-dimensional space squished into two dimensions, You need to use your ability to build and de... 4.2 Barbie Halloween Trick or Treat Barbie Halloween Trick or Treat Halloween is coming! Baby Barbie is really excited about Halloween and she is the mood already. In this amazing girl game, you will help Barbie to ... 4.3 Demons Down Under Demons Down Under Step into the shoes of this cute bunny and help him kill all the demons. Collect items, upgrade weapons and fight against demons to rescue your rab... 4.5 Steam Rogue Steam Rogue Step in the role of Steam Rogue Otto Von Steamingberg! Hunt down all treasures you can find in the factory and control your steam machine which hel... 4.2 Bomboozle 3 Bomboozle 3 The goal of this game bubble game is to free the island from the bubble invasion. Click on a group of 3 or more bubbles to destroy them! Use bombs ... 4.1 Island Clash Island Clash This small island in the ocean is a restricted area in which there is a secret military base. Your enemies have discovered it, so you have to build... 4.4 Black Bit Ninja Black Bit Ninja This is the Way of the Black Bit Ninja! Use mouse to fling that silent killer through the levels of this skill game with only a limited amount of d... 4.2 Rescuenator Rescuenator Can you save everyone from a dangerous fire? Save the innoect people! Guide them to the elevators or stairs, clear all the obstacles and get them s... 4.2 Santa Claus Saw Game Santa Claus Saw Game Saw has kidnapped Santa. Now he must play his game. Help Santa escape, or there will be no more Christmas. 4.1 Earn to Die 2012 Part 2 Earn to Die 2012 Part 2 In Earn To Die 2 Part 2 youll have to drive through hordes of zombies! Upgrade your cars with sharp weapons to cut zombies in half. With the money... 4.7 Ninjas Vengeance Ninjas Vengeance The Ninja master has been killed. Now you will take revenge together with your Power Ranger friends. Throw yourself into battle and find the murderer. 4.5 Furtive Dao Ninja Cats Furtive Dao Ninja Cats With their sharp fangs (and swords) these cats take out every enemy with ease. Of course you also need to collect the golden coins. 4.2

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4.1 94


You have to collect the eggs and bring them back to your nest.


Use the arrow keys to soar and the space bar for the kamikaze attack.

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