Pokémon Red Version Pokémon Red Version Become a Pokemon Master in this emulator version of the original Pokemon Red game. Choose your starter Pokemon from Professor Oaks lab - Charmander... 4.3 Painted Eggs Painted Eggs Remember the colors and how they painted. 3.9 Mixed World Weekend Mixed World Weekend Push all the red balls off the ledges in this funny platform puzzle game! Your blue block can slide forward and bump into the red balls to knock th... 4.3 Koala Kid Koala Kid Can you solve the mini puzzles and help the Koala along his journey. The puzzles are relatively easy. Look at the picture and click on the items yo... 4.2 Perfect Pou Couple Perfect Pou Couple Help Pou find the way to his girlfriend in this platform puzzle. Can you roll, stop, and float to reach her? Try to collect all three stars along t... 4.4 Crusader Truck Crusader Truck Race through the alien moon base. Can you hit all the aliens with your car or shoot them with your guns? Try to collect coins, hearts, and explosiv... 4.1 Delicious Emily's New Beginning Valentine's Edition Delicious Emily's New Beginning Valentine's Edition In this special Valentines Day edition, you can help Emily get her restaurant back up and running. Emily and Patrick now have a small baby, and it... 4.3 Castle of Terror Castle of Terror Help Van Helsing kill alle the zombies and other monsters in the town. You cant touch them, because that will kill you. Instead, you can drop bloc... 3.9 Robbed Eggs Robbed Eggs In this vary enjoyable game, you need to send out eggs to the nest so they can be safe. Use your best strategy, aim perfect and shoot the robbed eg... 4.2 Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes Help Sherlock Holmes to determine whos the murderer of Mr. T, the owner of the local tea shop. Dig through all the evidence and show whos the per... 4.2 Wanna Oranges? Wanna Oranges? This cute panda loves to eat oranges! Help him get these by solving different puzzles. Have fun! 1 Heroes of Mangara: The Frost Crown Heroes of Mangara: The Frost Crown Send an mighty army of warriors and wizards to destroy zombies and other mythological creatures. Place towers strategically and destroy each enemy. 4.2 Unstoppable Slam Unstoppable Slam Some evil robots have set their evil eyes on Earth. Theres only one hero that can save it, thats you! Together with your basketball and amazing p... 4.2 Super Sight Super Sight Welcome in the arena of Super Sight! Fight against evil guys in a full 3D world. Defeat them all and enjoy this fun 3D Unity Game! 1 Connect Me Connect Me Connect all the blocks in Connect Me Factory. Mr. Blue likes to move, Mr Red likes to rotate and Mr. Pink.. he likes both. You can also play Connec... 4.2

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You have to collect the eggs and bring them back to your nest.


Use the arrow keys to soar and the space bar for the kamikaze attack.

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