Hero Clicker Hero Clicker Go on an adventure with your hero and defeat as many monsters as you can. Once you have taken too much damage, head back to the camp to recharge. H... 4.2 Strike Force Kitty League Strike Force Kitty League Train your Kitty Strikeforce and make sure all of the cats on your team are equipped for battle. Train them each week in your outdoor cat dojo and ... 4.5 Bravebull Pirates Bravebull Pirates Can you save the pirate girl in each level? Use the drills and the springs to push the pirate bull through the level and launch him in the right di... 4 Delicious Emily's Holiday Season Delicious Emily's Holiday Season Help Emily serve customers at the winter fair. Can you also help the boy build some snowmen in between your chores at the market? Bring the custome... 4.2 Swing Copters Swing Copters Swing Copters is the new game by Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird. In Swing Copter you must tap the screen to move the copter as high as pos... 4.1 Dark Deception Dark Deception You are locked inside the monkey hotel. You must collect soul fragments before the evil monkeys catch you. This game is something like a scary pacm... 4.1 Drunken Wrestlers Drunken Wrestlers These two puppets are a bit drunk! Will you be able to dodge all the blows and Knock Out your opponent? 4.3 Tainted Olive Chapter 1 Tainted Olive Chapter 1 You are Silvian, an adventurer. You are inside a dark inn filled with scum and gamblers. A place where people go to forget, or to be forgotten. Dar... 1 Parallel Levels Parallel Levels This platform game shows the two worlds. Control both sprites at the same time. In one world it may be safe, but in the other its not. So be careful! 1 Flick Soccer 3D Flick Soccer 3D Your goal in this game is to become a true football legend. Shoot the ball with all your strength towards the goal. Gain experience points and unlo... 4.4 I Am Sticky I Am Sticky This black blob is not only sticky, he can also move, jump and even morph into other characters. I Am Sticky is a fun creative platform game. 4.3 Freak o' Lantern Freak o' Lantern Play as a zombie and scare people in this Halloween game. Steal all their candy and upgrade your skills. You will do this all wearing an pumpkin su... 1 Seven Seas Solitaire Seven Seas Solitaire In Seven Seas Solitaire you must save your loved one from the hands of the pirates. Play this online card game now! Remove the cards that are one h... 4.1 Madness: Haphazard Madness: Haphazard You are an assassin who has a simple task. Choose a weapon and take out enemies to reach the boss. You can use the elevators to proceed to the next... 4.3 Ragdoll Achievement 2 Ragdoll Achievement 2 In this Ragdoll game you have to unlock all the achievements. You can do this by testing all your weapons. Try it out with some mines and jumpers. ... 4.5

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Play as Goku in this epic action platform Dragon Ball Z game. Collect all the coins and destroy all your enemies. Your hair will stand up from it!


Play this game with your keyboard.

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