Flash Bash Flash Bash Choose your favorite fighter and start the tournament in this awesome online game Flash Bash! To claim your victory you must make combos, there are... 1 Super Fighters Rampage Super Fighters Rampage Youre chosen to compete in a deadly tournament. Use special attacks and merciless moves to defeat your opponents and become the true champion in S... 4.4 Alien Guard 2 Alien Guard 2 Protect yourself against the attacking creatures. 1 Flash Fighting Flash Fighting Defeat your opponent in this exciting battle. 4.1 Chicken Fighter Chicken Fighter A duel between a chicken and a worm. 4.2 Anakin vs Asaji Anakin vs Asaji A fight between the Jedi Knight and a Sith Lord. 4.1 Butthead Bash Butthead Bash Beat the snot out of a slimy tobacco salesmen. Learn whos hot in New Zealand while youre at it! Kapow! 1 Warped Tour Massacre Warped Tour Massacre Fight to the death with rockers and emerge victoriously from the fight. Blood, martial arts and a gloomy scene. 1 Battlefones Battlefones Battle with the toughest fones ever to grow legs and fight. 4.1 King Of Fighters Bull Edition King Of Fighters Bull Edition Although this Bull Edition of King Of Fighters looks like a street fighter game, its not! You have to get close to the bull and dodge. Pamplon... 1 Smokin Barrels Smokin Barrels Quickly move the crosshair onto the target and shoot faster than your opponent. 1 Knight Duel Knight Duel Your objective is to capture your opponents flag from his castle 4.1 Grannie Fu Grannie Fu Thats what the world needs: A granny fighting game! Let two grandmas fight in this game. 1 Capoeira 2 Capoeira 2 You gonna fight in Indonesia, choose your character and fight. 4.2 The Fighters 2 The Fighters 2 Try to beat your opponent in this fighting game. 4.2

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Dragon First 3

Dragon First 3

4.2 1.135


Time to fight. Complete different modes to unlock more fights. There are a bunch of people to fight as.


Punch = T
Kick = Y
Draw/Throw Weapon = U
Block = S
Move Left = A
Move right = D
Jump = W
Special Move T+Y
Grab = S+T
Sweep = S+Y
Pick up/Put Down Weapon = S+T

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