Artillery RushArtillery RushOpen fire on the battlefield and use different kinds of ammo to overcome every obstacle. Aim carefully with your cannon and destroy as many enemy trou...8Where's My Duck Special VersionWhere's My Duck Special VersionThe crocodile from "Where's my Water" has lost his duck. Help him find it to make him a happy crocodile again. The bathtub is filled with crocodile te...6Basket & BallBasket & BallBounce the ball through the level and try to make it drop through the basket. Collect the three stars along the way. You control the basketball. Bounc...6.1Paper Doors EscapePaper Doors EscapeSearch for the hidden key and open paper doors. The key is hidden in difficult places. Each door opens a new house and the levels increase in difficul...8Vampires and GarlicVampires and GarlicPlay Vampires and Garlic for free online and slay the vampires with your exploding garlic in this funny skill game!6.2Aqua ThiefAqua ThiefHelp the thief grab all of the coins. Trace a line past the coins and release the mouse for the thief to follow the line. Make sure you avoid hitting ...5.8Super Sub HeroSuper Sub HeroGuide a little Eskimo boy through a series of puzzles on a quest to save his grandpa! He has an ability to turn ice into water and vice versa, use it ...6Physics DropPhysics DropPhysics Drop - Use the laws of gravity to your advantage in this free online physics-based puzzle game!8Poko Pippity PopPoko Pippity PopConnect the right dots to show a image. 8Super FrogSuper FrogThis frog has super skills and can jump, eat and survive as the best. Help this frog in this game reach the exit by jumping over dangerous obstacles w...8


In Drawfender you have to draw objects to block attacks. Your job is to protect the philanthropist as he travels around the world.

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