Pigeon Bomber Pigeon Bomber Fly through the city and dodge all the traffic lights, lampposts, signposts, and other obstacles. Can you collect discarded food and poop on all th... 4.2 Doodle Jump Doodle Jump Jump as high as you can with the silly little creature. Can you leap from one platform to the next without falling down? Make sure you dont oversho... 4.2 Blackbeard Island Blackbeard Island Captain Blackbeard found a huge treasure, but what a disaster. There is a hole in the bag and now all the gold coins are scattered across the islan... 3.8 I Want To Be a Billionaire I Want To Be a Billionaire Create your own financial empire! Build businesses and collect the money they earn! The more businesses you own, the higher the risk of an inspecti... 4.4 Endless Lake Endless Lake Run down the path through the endless lake. Can you jump over all the gaps in the path and collect the coins? How far will you be able to get? Make... 4.4 Robot Snow Tiger Robot Snow Tiger Build you own robot tiger. Put all the pieces in the right place until the robot snow tiger is done. After that, you can use the tiger to destroy p... 4.3 Match Craft Match Craft Make match 3 combinations with the minecraft voxels. You can connect them horizontally, vertically, and diagonally! Try to reach the required amoun... 4.1 Outdraw Poker Outdraw Poker Try to beat the dealers hand in every round.This game works like video poker, because you van choose to hold or discard cards and deal again. You ... 4.1 Demolition Squad Demolition Squad Check out this fun five-reel slots game! There are up to 40 paylines you can bet on. Can you line up the members of the Demolition Squad across any... 4.1 Loved Monsters Loved Monsters These two monsters are in love and need your help to get together again. Your mission is in this funny game is to solve puzzles in each level and h... 4.2 Bubble Shooter 5 Bubble Shooter 5 Play the new version of Bubble Shooter now.. in Bubble Shooter 5! This new bubble shooter game has HD graphics and fluid animations. The version of... 4.9 Alien Kindergarten Alien Kindergarten In Alien Kindergarten you must baby sit a bunch of aliens. Drag eggs into the right positions and tap them to hatch the eggs so the baby aliens can... 4.2 Steak and Jack Steak and Jack Help the buddies Steak and Jack deliver milk to the farm. There are many obstacles along the way, but bird Jack can fill these up with colors. Make... 4.3 Dr Demon Tetris Dr Demon Tetris In this Tetris (Dr. Mario) game you mus stack pills in the right order. You need the pills to exterminate the virus. Match the colors of the pills ... 4 Spectromancer: Gathering of Power Spectromancer: Gathering of Power Spectromancer: Gathering of Power! Choose one of the mage characters and prepare yourself for a magical fight. Summon mighty monsters to aid you in... 4.3

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Did you ever had that dream? That you're searching for an exit? In this game it is happening again. Place arrows to guide the kids to the exit. Stay away from the soul reapers! Drag and drop the arrows and kids to the leve.


Play this game with your mouse.

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