SidetracksSidetracksChange the tracks in this fun train game. Make sure to pick up all the goods and deliver them at the stations....6Mini Metro (Alpha)Mini Metro (Alpha)Always complaining about trains that do not run on time? Well, in this simulation game you get to choose the direction and stops of the subway lines. ...8Wooden Path 2Wooden Path 2Build bridges across the river and discover new lands! Move the colored blocks on your path, make use of magical rings, teleporters and many other thi...6Dynamite Blast 2Dynamite Blast 2Place bombs on the bridge and buildings and detonate! Your goal is to make sure that the cars do not reach the other side of the bridge....6Build a PlanetBuild a PlanetCan you help this little bear build a planet? Click on all of the items and see what you need to find to make them evolve and unlock new items. Can yo...6Robot TanystropheusRobot TanystropheusBuild your own robot Tanystropheus by putting all the pieces in the right place. The Tanystropheus is a long necked dinosaur from the Triassic period. Once6Tower ManiaTower ManiaBuild the highest tower ever built! Every time you place a floor you get to place the next one precisely on top of the other one. That way you can build th6I Want To Be a BillionaireI Want To Be a BillionaireCreate your own financial empire! Build businesses and collect the money they earn! The more businesses you own, the higher the risk of an inspection....6Robot Snow TigerRobot Snow TigerBuild you own robot tiger. Put all the pieces in the right place until the robot snow tiger is done. After that, you can use the tiger to destroy part...6Robot Fun TimesRobot Fun TimesBuild your own Lego robot in this fun Lego game. After you make your own robot you can play lots of different robot games, such as a robot memory game...6

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Did you ever had that dream? That you're searching for an exit? In this game it is happening again. Place arrows to guide the kids to the exit. Stay away from the soul reapers! Drag and drop the arrows and kids to the leve.

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