Rollercoaster Creator ExpressRollercoaster Creator ExpressHave fun playing the free online theme park game Rollercoaster Creator Express!6Wooden Path 2Wooden Path 2Build bridges across the river and discover new lands! Move the colored blocks on your path, make use of magical rings, teleporters and many other thi...6Liquid Measure 3Liquid Measure 3You have to re-route the water pipes to fill all pots. There are new items available like the water multiplaier, antimatter bomb, three-way splitters,...6All My GodsAll My GodsTake place next to the ancient gods of Rome in All My Gods where you build your own spectacular city. Collect all the materials you need to construct ...6SidetracksSidetracksChange the tracks in this fun train game. Make sure to pick up all the goods and deliver them at the stations.6World BoxWorld BoxYou're free to build your own world in this online simulation game. Create sand, stones, trees, grass, water, roads and even cities. Discover how your...8.1Mini Metro (Alpha)Mini Metro (Alpha)Always complaining about trains that do not run on time? Well, in this simulation game you get to choose the direction and stops of the subway lines. ...8Liquid Measure: Crystal Water Level PackLiquid Measure: Crystal Water Level PackGet the water to the buckets by connecting all sections of the pipes with other objects. Can you solve all the puzzles in this fun Liquid Measures Lev...6Pirate TreasurePirate TreasureYou need to place the arrows on the right place to send the pirate to the treasure.8Build a PlanetBuild a PlanetCan you help this little bear build a planet? Click on all of the items and see what you need to find to make them evolve and unlock new items. Can yo...6


Did you ever had that dream? That you're searching for an exit? In this game it is happening again. Place arrows to guide the kids to the exit. Stay away from the soul reapers! Drag and drop the arrows and kids to the leve.

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