Gold Mine Strike Gold Mine Strike Throw your pickaxe at the combinations of two or more of the same blocks. Can you break them before the rows reach your mine cart? Try to collect a... 4.2 Down The Hill Down The Hill Try to get down the hill on your bike as fast as you can. Watch out, because the hill is crumbling behind you as you go, so you must not stand stil... 4.1 Euro Roulette Euro Roulette Play another great casino game by NetEnt! Amazingly realistic and detailed European Roulette with a single 0 slot! Place your bets on numbers, odd ... 4.1 Smove Paradise Smove Paradise Move across the island and collect the diamonds while dodging the red balls. Can you collect all the items you need to clear each level! The furthe... 4 Tingly Solitaire Tingly Solitaire Play Tingly Solitaire and clear away all the playing cards by stacking them away from ace to king in the free cells. You will have to find the ace ... 4.2 The Voodoo Forest The Voodoo Forest Search the Voodoo forest for the voodoo priestess you lives there and the items she needs for her rituals. Look carefully and see if you can find t... 4.1 Robot Snow Tiger Robot Snow Tiger Build you own robot tiger. Put all the pieces in the right place until the robot snow tiger is done. After that, you can use the tiger to destroy p... 4.2 Build a Planet Build a Planet Can you help this little bear build a planet? Click on all of the items and see what you need to find to make them evolve and unlock new items. Can... 4 Ellie Dreamhouse Designer Ellie Dreamhouse Designer Help Ellie build her dream house. First you will have to clear away the plants on the plot of earth Ellie bought. Help her clear up the trash too. ... 4 Flight of The Bee Flight of The Bee This cute little bee needs your help! It has to collect all flowers and bring them to the home. Your mission in this funny game is to solve each pu... 1 Shop Empire Rampage Shop Empire Rampage You have worked hard for years and then suddenly you and many other employees get fired! The boss didnt even know your name! Seek revenge! 4.1 Building Rush Building Rush There is a new city under construction. So this is the perfect time to make money. Build factories and sell materials. Earn medals, money and achie... 4.1 Blue Box Blue Box You must help the blue box go home. Click left or right to move him. 4.2 Speedy Solitaire Speedy Solitaire Forget the old solitaire games! This fast online solitaire game will blow your mind! The quicker you think, the better your score! How fast can you... 1 Cafe Connect Cafe Connect This young girl came with the idea to make a puzzle game with cakes. In this mahjong connect puzzle game you must connect two of the same cakes wit... 4.1

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Did you ever had that dream? That you're searching for an exit? In this game it is happening again. Place arrows to guide the kids to the exit. Stay away from the soul reapers! Drag and drop the arrows and kids to the leve.


Play this game with your mouse.

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