Crazy Balls Crazy Balls Everybody is playing football. Can you help the little yellow bird collect the rubies without getting hit by a stray football? Fly up and down and ... 4.2 Galaxy Domination Galaxy Domination Fly from one planet to the next and try not to hit the moons, mines, and space rocks caught in orbit around the planets. Do not hang about on any o... 4.2 aa aa Shoot the pins into the spinning ball. Watch out that you dont hit any of the other pins. As the levels progress the ball will spin faster, and yo... 4.3 Drop Me Drop Me Pop the bubbles to drop the babies into the right coloured pipes. Match the babys bear costume to the colours of the pipes. Can you help the babie... 1 Minimal Dots Minimal Dots You have two dots, a grey one and a black one. Rotate the dots and use them to catch the other dots. Can you hit all the right combinations? If you... 4.2 Frenzy Pizza Frenzy Pizza It is saturday night and you are working in a pizzaria. Its very busy today! Bring customers to their tables, take orders and serve orders. 4.1 Joy Stacker Joy Stacker Of course you are no longer a child that plays with blocks. But this game is all but childish! Stack different shaped blocks and watch out for the ... 4.4 Car Yard Car Yard Make quick decisions and keep your car out of danger. Dodge bullets and other dangers. Do not let them take you to the Car Yard! 4.3 Fire Catcher Fire Catcher The city is burning! Only you, a brave firefighter, can save the city. A water pump and an axe are your only weapons. Good luck!! 4.3 Shine Shine In this platform game you have to move through a dungeon. You have a shiny orb with you. But it must not touch anything or the game is over. 1 Holy Crap, Bears!! Holy Crap, Bears!! You are responsible for organizing a kids camp. But thats not such a easy task in a forest full of bears. Use your intuition to rescue the childre... 4.2 Xmas Troll Cannon Xmas Troll Cannon Load your christmas cannon because its time to launch the Christmas troll! Shoot the troll in this Christmas version of Troll Cannon. 4.3 Safari Slacking Safari Slacking It doesnt matter what job this girl has, her goal is to just slack. Today she is working in the zoo. Just like every lazy animal, she wont do a t... 4.1 Bear Grills Launcher Bear Grills Launcher Stolen hamburgers have made the bear very angry! Now you have to launch him with his catapult and try to get as far as possible. Click on the bear ... 4.2 Egg 2 Mom Egg 2 Mom An evil dinosaur stole all the eggs. In this funny physics game you need to roll and bounce the eggs safely to the nest. Try to collect the stars f... 4


4.1 5.028


Pick a soccer player, keep the ball up in the air for as long as possible.


Use the arrow keys to play this game.

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