Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team Play Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team now! Mineblock Mineblock You’re transported to a 3D Minecraft world in this game. Walk around and explore your surroundings. You can mine and collect everything you see. Pl... 4 Sweet 'n' Bad Sweet 'n' Bad In this amazing Sweet n Bad game, you have to survive as long as possible and collect all candies on your way. Run away from creatures while coll... 4.1 Minericos Minericos In this fireboy & watergirl game you must lead the mine workers out of the mines. They can only escape if they help each other. You control both ch... 4.1 Leave Me A Clone Leave Me A Clone In this platform game you must make smart use of your clones. Only by placing clones you can make your way to the exits. 1 O-Shaped Ninjas O-Shaped Ninjas Prove youre the best ninja of all time and kill all your enemies in this fun physics puzzle game. Test your skills and avoid falling into the void! 4 Sonic Smash Brothers Sonic Smash Brothers Enjoy a thrilling Sonic platform game in which you will find the return of classic characters from the series. Run, jump, collect coins and destroy... 4.2 Sonic RPG 9 Sonic RPG 9 Help Sonic to defeat his opponents in a battle for life or death. Fight with all your might, perform powerful attacks against your enemies and show... 4.5 Sliding Puzzle Sliding Puzzle Complete each puzzle by sliding pieces. You can choose from various difficulties and game options. 4.1 Velocity Wings Velocity Wings Even Sonic has been hit by the Flappy Bird hype. This game is a mix of Sonic the Hedgehog and Flappy Bird. The result is a fast paced 1 button game... 4.2 Transmyter Transmyter Your name is Ezzy. You are a metamorf from the planet Kastella-6. You can change in almost everything. After the crash into this strange planet you... 1 A Fall From Grace A Fall From Grace You crashed into a strange surreal world where you are guided by angels and demons. Uncover the truth about good and evil while solving all the puz... 1 Viktor The X Viktor The X Play as Viktor the First, Second and Third in this platform game. You will probably die a lot, but that wont stop you! Make path for the future in... 4.2 The Gentleman The Gentleman Walk through the world of this very classy platform game. You are walking as a gentleman with an umbrella and a hat. This online platform game has ... 1 Duck Quest Duck Quest Help mother duck find her ducklings in the park. Explore the surroundings and think to find her children. 4.1

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Fantasy Sonic X

Fantasy Sonic X

4.5 10.396


Meet all your anime and arcade heroes in this RPG fighting game.


Use your skills, moves and spells to try and beat up your opponents in turn-based battles.

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