Love Burger Love Burger Youre working at the burger restaurant Love Burger. A big and aggressive guy comes in and demands you bring him chocolates for his girlfriend. Or ... 4.5 Sonic on Clouds Sonic on Clouds In this very funny game, all you need to do is to jump as fast as you can and grab all the coins before the clouds disappear. You need to collect m... 4.3 Twin Cat Warriors Twin Cat Warriors Get ready to play an amazing action game with Twin Cat Warriors! These two cats are looking for jewels in a different world. For crossing the borde... 4.6 Steam Rogue Steam Rogue Step in the role of Steam Rogue Otto Von Steamingberg! Hunt down all treasures you can find in the factory and control your steam machine which hel... 1 Sonic Smash Brothers Sonic Smash Brothers Enjoy a thrilling Sonic platform game in which you will find the return of classic characters from the series. Run, jump, collect coins and destroy... 4.2 A Ghostly Journey A Ghostly Journey This ghost is living in the world of the living. Its not an easy life.. solve puzzles, avoid crossing the lights and try not to get caught. 4.9 Sonic RPG 9 Sonic RPG 9 Help Sonic to defeat his opponents in a battle for life or death. Fight with all your might, perform powerful attacks against your enemies and show... 5 Velocity Wings Velocity Wings Even Sonic has been hit by the Flappy Bird hype. This game is a mix of Sonic the Hedgehog and Flappy Bird. The result is a fast paced 1 button game... 1 Gatherx Gatherx Help this boy with fishing, mining and cutting the giant bean stalk. Earn money by selling items and spend it on new equipment or hiring people. 1 Acid Bunny 2 Acid Bunny 2 The addicted bunny went to play some volleyball when suddenly he felt ill and started seeing dragons, pink colors, piranhas and he went flying thro... 4.6 Ninjas Vengeance Ninjas Vengeance The Ninja master has been killed. Now you will take revenge together with your Power Ranger friends. Throw yourself into battle and find the murderer. 4.9 Merry Township Merry Township In Merry Township you will have to search and find hidden objects. Find them within the time limit and click them. There are multiple levels you ca... 4.3 Dyna Boy Dyna Boy Help this little miner gather all gems and diamonds. Use dynamite to get rid of obstacles, walls and enemies. 4.5 Sweetland Sweetland Welcome in the world of Sweetland! The fantastic world full of candy and cupcakes! Reach the end of each level while collecting all the sweets. Be ... 1 King Of Egypt King Of Egypt The ancient Egypt disappeared in the modern civilization, but lets take a look at how pretty the cloths were! In this dress up game you will dress ... 4.8

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Fantasy Sonic X

Fantasy Sonic X

4.7 10.348


Meet all your anime and arcade heroes in this RPG fighting game.


Use your skills, moves and spells to try and beat up your opponents in turn-based battles.

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