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Fireboy and Watergirl: The Forrest Temple

Fireboy and Watergirl: The Forrest Temple

4.5 5.692


Do you have enough skills to play with 2 characters at the same time? Or do you feel like playing a game with you girl or boyfriend? You probably allready heard of this game, but now we have it. Do you reach the highest score?


Play this game with your keyboard.

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rissa3465 +0 love the game
shanapilo +0 non sest une blague
shanapilo +0 non va chier
shanapilo +1 tres tres cool et tres malade xxx floramolly et va chnfre4r4 r et a demain ssssssssssss
candu.gonzalez.1 +0 Desde q era chica juego a este juego jajaja, bueno, Me encanta :3
floramolly +1 i dont make sence.
floramolly +1 Whos an ideot? better not be me way more presure been placed on the table here so what? Ok just keep knitting and hold those hooves down! please give me a brake!
monaail +0 idiot
monaail +0 i love this game
onedirection121 +0 what's up
onedirection121 +0 how is it boring
onedirection121 +0 how iz it boring?
onedirection121 +1 yes I have the SKILLS to play 2 CHARACTERS at the SAME TIME why do u have what it takes???
rosie225 +0 freakin game is soooo stupid
summer101 +0 boring
lilkim12369 +0 i know right thiz game iz so fun
mathboy +1 I love fireboy and watergirl!