Jurassic Park Jurassic Park The security system in Jurassic Park has broken down and the dinosaurs are causing death and destruction in and outside of all the enclosures. Trav... 4.2 Easter Egg Hunt Easter Egg Hunt Look carefully at the pictures and find the hidden Easter eggs. At first the eggs are easy to spot. They wont be hidden too well in the first level... 4.8 Hyper Doods Hyper Doods Take a leap and bounce your way down this platform with these cool Doods. The blue bars are nice and cool and so are the yellow ones but watch out ... 4.5 Super Dangerous Dungeons Super Dangerous Dungeons This treasure hunter is trying to find the biggest hoard of his life in these dark dungeons. He has to face all kinds of dangers like razor sharp p... 4.6 Crimson & Stache Crimson & Stache Run and jump to get through the levels that lie between you and the moonlit barbershop. Your bravery is great and your moustache is full. Will you ... 4.4 Tetramino´s Revenge Tetramino´s Revenge Can you dodge all the falling metronomes, the tetris blocks. Make sure none of the tetris blocks falls on your head, and try to destroy them with y... 4.4 Monkey Go Happy Ninja Monkey Go Happy Ninja Help the monkey explore the ninja village. Can you find all the items you need to help the people you will meet there, from ninjas to villagers, ge... 4.1 Rock vs. Zombies Rock vs. Zombies The block-shaped zombies are invading your home! The only weapon you have is a giant rock. Fight the zombies by squashing them with your rock. Ever... 4.2 Hardest Run Hardest Run Are you ready to run? If your answer is yes, dont wait to start this amazing game. All you need to do is to run and collect coins. Besides playing... 4.2 Chompy The Greedy Crocodile Chompy The Greedy Crocodile Chompy is a greedy crocodile who is always on the hunt for coins. Help him find as many as possible in this online jumping game. 4.4 Hippo the Brave Knight Hippo the Brave Knight Help the brave hippo to get the crown back home. Walk with him and guide him in this game. Find you way out in every level 1 Doors 2 Dave's New Job Doors 2 Dave's New Job Our cute hero Dave finds a new job in a construction. He arrives job at the first day but no one takes care of him. He left alone on the top floor ... 4.3 Vex 3 Vex 3 Vex is a challenging (and bloody) platform game. You must be quick and skillful to reach the next level. You control a small man in a world full of... 4.7 Battle for Darkness Battle for Darkness Command your evil army in a epic battle to defeat the mighty Titan! A new age of darkness is coming. Learn your troops unique skills and use them s... 4.9 Sliding Puzzle Sliding Puzzle Complete each puzzle by sliding pieces. You can choose from various difficulties and game options. 1

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Fireboy and Watergirl: The Forrest Temple

Fireboy and Watergirl: The Forrest Temple

4.8 4.946


Do you have enough skills to play with 2 characters at the same time? Or do you feel like playing a game with you girl or boyfriend? You probably allready heard of this game, but now we have it. Do you reach the highest score?


Play this game with your keyboard.

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rissa3465 +0 love the game
shanapilo +0 non sest une blague
shanapilo +0 non va chier
shanapilo +1 tres tres cool et tres malade xxx floramolly et va chnfre4r4 r et a demain ssssssssssss
candu.gonzalez.1 +0 Desde q era chica juego a este juego jajaja, bueno, Me encanta :3
floramolly +1 i dont make sence.
floramolly +1 Whos an ideot? better not be me way more presure been placed on the table here so what? Ok just keep knitting and hold those hooves down! please give me a brake!
monaail +0 idiot
monaail +0 i love this game
onedirection121 +0 what's up
onedirection121 +0 how is it boring
onedirection121 +0 how iz it boring?
onedirection121 +1 yes I have the SKILLS to play 2 CHARACTERS at the SAME TIME why do u have what it takes???
rosie225 +0 freakin game is soooo stupid
summer101 +0 boring
lilkim12369 +0 i know right thiz game iz so fun
mathboy +1 I love fireboy and watergirl!