Dots: Revamped Dots: Revamped Fly around with the little monsters and collect the blue dots. Can you dodge alle the dots that look angry? Some extra angry dots will gain additio... 4.6 Particle X Particle X In Particle X you must avoid all the canons and other dangers. its a cool mouse avoider game with an interesting story line. Pretty challenging too! 4.4 Cart Master Cart Master You have stolen a cart from your local supermarket and you will use it to go hill racing. Now, watch out because theres dangerous creatures in the... 1 Skyminog Skyminog Guide the magical blue creatures to the new planet in this strange game Skyminog! Avoid the obstacles flying through space and create a better pl... 1 Spring Winds Spring Winds Catch the falling birds and avoid the pots. 1 Polly Pocket Polly Pocket Drive the Polly Pocket car and gather the little animals you encounter. 4.3 Pastry Racer Pastry Racer Choose your car and avoid the dangers on the road. Take food to go faster. 4.3 Dodge 2 Dodge 2 Destroy the enemies with their own weapons! 1 Super Tramp Super Tramp Catch all the stars but avoid spikes and bombs. 1 Paper Boat Paper Boat Can you get the boys working together to prevent a paper-boat collision? 1 Sky Boy Sky Boy Can you clean all the windows? Watch out for people opening their windows while youre working, because you could fall down! 1 Fooix Fooix How tricky is your Fooix? Try to uncover the entire game board before the time runs out! 1 Mouse under Siege Mouse under Siege You think youre good at avoiding attacks? Youve never had an entire army attack your mouse before, have you?Avoid the bullets and missiles as... 1 Escape from Hell Escape from Hell Gary has accidentally been send to hell! Help him escape from the flames. 1 Long Vertiraoh Long Vertiraoh Try to get enough money and evoid your enemies. 1

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Floppy Pylon

Floppy Pylon

10 15


Reach the finish line before time runs out. You start with basic a Floppy car, and as you progress you can get new Floppy cars. Do not cross the red lines.


Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to turn left and right and DOWN ARROW KEY to brake.

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