Fishy Rush Fishy Rush Collect many coins in Fishy Rush while avoiding all dangers of the sea. Watch out for evil sharks, electrifying fish and spiky blow up fish. You ca... 4.9 Cut cut Zombie Cut cut Zombie Save the three people being attacked by zombies! In order to save them, cut the zombie heads that fly in the air, and shoot the ghosts! If you don’... 1 Tiger Hunting Tiger Hunting Help Tiger Woods escape his psychotic wife! 1 Luck Insanity Luck Insanity Try your luck at evading meteors and bomb explosions. 1 Mighty Red Orb Mighty Red Orb Control the ball in the narrow passageways of the caves and shoot walls to destroy them to reach new places. 1 Airdrop Airdrop Steer the parachutist from left to right and avoid hitting obstacles. 1 Sky Boy Sky Boy Can you clean all the windows? Watch out for people opening their windows while youre working, because you could fall down! 1 Jamag Jamag Gather the purple objects as quickly as possible, but avoid the blue circles. Each 10th purple object you collect will cause an explosion that blow... 1 Escape from Hell Escape from Hell Gary has accidentally been send to hell! Help him escape from the flames. 1 Ultra Avoiding Ultra Avoiding Avoid the enemies. You become bigger every level. The red balls also become faster and there will always be more of them. Avoid them! 1 Colour Smash Colour Smash Try to evade every attack. 1 Pixelfield Pixelfield Try to get the triangles through the mine field. 1 Velocity Velocity Try to evade all the attacks. 1 Lines Lines Grab the stars, watch out for the stone line! Dont bump into those. 1 Pollo Loco Pollo Loco Youre a bird in this game and you mustnt get caught by the wasp! 1

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Floppy Pylon

Floppy Pylon

10 15


Reach the finish line before time runs out. You start with basic a Floppy car, and as you progress you can get new Floppy cars. Do not cross the red lines.


Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to turn left and right and DOWN ARROW KEY to brake.

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