Super Ninja Block Super Ninja Block The bad guys have kidnappen the little blocks family. Little do they know that he is the super ninja block. Don your ninja outfit and hunt down the... 4.3 Wake the Santa Wake the Santa Remove the blocks of snow and Christmas decorations to drop the snowflake. Make sure the snowflake falls onto the sleeping Santa and wakes him up. ... 4.1 Leave me Alone Leave me Alone Kick and punch the monsters coming down the path. Hit them at the right moment. Make sure they dont get you. The speed of the game will gradually ... 4.3 Cubestern 2: Night Shift Cubestern 2: Night Shift Remove the crates and change the square stones to round stones and the other way round. Can you make the bad guy blocks fall on top of the jail and... 4.1 Disaster Will Strike 2 Disaster Will Strike 2 In this funny game you have to crack the zombie eggs in each level. Choose a disaster you want to use, such as an earthquake or a hurricane, and sm... 4.1 Falldown Miner Falldown Miner Are you fast and brave enough to save this little miner? Very challenging moments are waiting for you! Your mission in this amazing game is to move... 1 3 Pandas in Japan 3 Pandas in Japan 3 Pandas are back! These cute and smart pandas embark on a new adventure through Japan. Your misson in this amazing game is to meet them in East As... 4.3 Summer Grill Summer Grill This super Summer Grill game will bring you the taste of beautiful summer days! Its time to grill! Prepare your ingredients and start to mix them!... 4.1 Airbender Airbender In Airbender you will use the powers of mother nature to eliminate all the little monsters. Control wind, fire, lighting and meteorites. But watch ... 4.1 Death Lab Death Lab Take out guards and try to escape the laboratory. 4.4 Cut It Cut It In 2054 humans have discovered how to bring life to different planets by a procedure Cut It. This can be accomplished by bringing a white box to ... 1 Demolition Inc. Demolition Inc. Blow up buildings in Demolition Inc. Place dynamite in strategic locations and detonate it. Make sure no one gets hurt. 4.1 Loot The King Loot The King Give treasures to the poor in this Loot The King HTMl5 game. Remove objects to take out guards and other threats. Collect all the loot and Robin Ho... 1 Alice In Clumsy Land Alice In Clumsy Land Enjoy this fun physics game in the world of Alice in Wonderland. Get the clock to the rabbit quickly before its too late! Good luck! 1 Egg 2 Mom Egg 2 Mom An evil dinosaur stole all the eggs. In this funny physics game you need to roll and bounce the eggs safely to the nest. Try to collect the stars f... 4.2

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These fruits like nothing better than smashing each other into fruitsmoothies. Let them fall on each other and use balloons, boxes and all your puzzling skills to beat this fun online physics game. Click each fruit to let it jump and making it fall. Balloons can blow up, use it wisely.


Play this game with your mouse.

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