Mutilate-a-Doll 2 HDMutilate-a-Doll 2 HDIn this ragdoll game you can mutilate a stick-figure doll with a whole range of different weapons and objects. Throw your ragdoll around, or browse the var6Sandwich FeverSandwich FeverHelp this small mouse to make the best sandwich ever! Chop some food to slices and beat every score! There are four stages with each 12 levels....Cut The Rope 2 Bad PiggiesCut The Rope 2 Bad PiggiesPlay Cut The Rope Bad Piggies and make sure all piggies get feeded with candy! Cut the ropes and try to let the candy roll to the piggies....8Simpson HoopsSimpson HoopsHome Simpson takes some time to shoot some balls. Of course for donuts and hot dogs. Shoot the balls through the baskets and earn a lot of points....6My Candy BoxMy Candy BoxPull yourself up on all the wooden platforms and grab the three stars in every level. Can you help the little monster end up in the bag of candy each ...6Giraffe HeroGiraffe HeroMeet the legendary hero: Giraffe! His friends are trapped by hunters. Now you must help him to set them free. All you need to do is throw stones and c...6Zombie Demolisher 3Zombie Demolisher 3Swing the ball on the chain and release your bombs and metal cannonballs at the right moment to shatter the platforms, break the planks, and kill all the z6SundropsSundropsIn this game you have to aim and launch sundrops to collect as many pearls as possible. The sundrops should not go into the water, you have limited su...8Water ManiaWater ManiaGrab your fire truck hose and extinguish all the fires. Use walls to get the water to difficult areas. Hurry and play now! Good luck!...6Bunny CannonBunny CannonBe careful, it's getting way to cute now! In this fun peggle puzzle game you must move and shoot your bunny cannon to shoot bunnies into the baskets. ...6

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These fruits like nothing better than smashing each other into fruitsmoothies. Let them fall on each other and use balloons, boxes and all your puzzling skills to beat this fun online physics game. Click each fruit to let it jump and making it fall. Balloons can blow up, use it wisely.

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