Mahjong Online Mahjong Online Play a fun game of Mahjong and clear away all the tiles by combining the playable matching tiles. This game has all kinds of useful features, like ... 5.2 No Time To Explain 2 No Time To Explain 2 Space aliens are attacking the earth! Theres no time to explain what you need to do. Just grab the laser gun and follow the space alien crab throu... 5 Dad and Me Dad and Me Help the Kid for the Dad & Me series to beat up the other kids in the playground. Watch out, because some other kids are playground bullies too and... 5.8 Metal Animals Metal Animals Can you man your tank with the different animals and defeat all of your opponents and the end bosses? Choose which Metal Animals should man your ta... 10 Fists of Frenzy Fists of Frenzy Youre a martial arts master trapped in the middle of the crossroad. Can you fight off all the ninjas that are coming to attack you? Strike in the ... 5.4 The Explosive Squad The Explosive Squad In this online shooting game your city is under attack! Shoot down as many strange creatures as you can. During your battle parachutes are falling ... 5.4 Lose The Heat 3 Lose The Heat 3 If you love speed and adrenaline, Lose The Heat 3 game is just for you! In this amazing game you need to escape the police! Drive your car as fast ... 5.3 Demons Down Under Demons Down Under Step into the shoes of this cute bunny and help him kill all the demons. Collect items, upgrade weapons and fight against demons to rescue your rab... 5.3 Duck Tub Battle Duck Tub Battle Help this cute duckling survive as long as possible in the pond. Shoot your enemies and upgrade your skills. 5.5 Bazooka Boy Level Pack Bazooka Boy Level Pack Use your bazooka to destroy all the golden blocks. Good fact: your bazooka cant harm you. 4.8 Stickfigure Smash 3 Stickfigure Smash 3 In this bloody stickman game the poor character is once more victim or violence. Throw him into the air and kill him before the time runs out. 5.4 Cover Orange Pirates Cover Orange Pirates Find the best way to protect the oranges against the dangerous and destructive pirate rain. Use your mouse to place different objects so that you p... 5.8 Colony Defenders 2 Colony Defenders 2 The Xolara mining facilities are surrounded by alien creatures. Build defensive towers at strategic locations to avoid the terrible alien invasion.... 1 Summon The Hero Summon The Hero In this Tower Defense game you fight inside a fantasy world. Place valiant mages, archers and warriors in strategic positions. Defend your Kingdom ... 5.4 Deep Sea Hunter 2 Deep Sea Hunter 2 Jump into your submarine and discover the depths of the ocean. Your mission is to defeat all monsters and collect the treasures. You can spend the ... 5.6

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7.7 141


Defeat all enemy Gundams!


W = Up
A = Left
D = Right
S = Down
Left mouse button = Fire!

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