Unlockit Unlockit In Unlockit you need to unlock this big lock by hitting the right spots at exactly the right time. But keep your eyes open because gold coins will ... 4.1 Shoot Them All Shoot Them All Try to shoot the stars with your bullet as they hover from side to side. Make sure you dont miss, or youll have to start over again. How many con... 4.1 Snake Condo Snake Condo Zig zag down the path with the 3D snake. Grab the voxels to add a longer tail to the snake, and grab the carrots for food. Make sure you dont hit ... 3.9 Leave me Alone Leave me Alone Kick and punch the monsters coming down the path. Hit them at the right moment. Make sure they dont get you. The speed of the game will gradually ... 4.3 Coin Dozer Coin Dozer Collect as many coins and tokens as you can. Throw the coins in the right slot and make sure they push the other coins and tokens off the shelf in ... 4.2 Boat Trip Dress Up Boat Trip Dress Up Dress up the girl for her sunny boat trip. You can choose between all kinds of pretty tops and shirts and summer dresses. Dont forget to add some ... 4 Tombola Tombola Play a fun game of bingo in Tombola! Purchase the bingo cards you want using your play points. See if your cards contain the lucky numbers in this ... 4.2 Birds of a Feather Birds of a Feather Fly through the air with the bord. Try to collect as many other birds into your clan as you can. Make sure you dont lose any birds by flying into ... 4.1 Piano Tiles 2 Piano Tiles 2 Play Piano Tiles in classic mode or in scrolling arcade mode. Can you hit the black keys to play the piano. Make sure you dont miss and hit the wr... 4.2 Minimal Dots Minimal Dots You have two dots, a grey one and a black one. Rotate the dots and use them to catch the other dots. Can you hit all the right combinations? If you... 4.2 Gentleman 2 Gentleman 2 Only this little green gentlemen must survive! Can you help him? Make all other blocks disappear except for the gentleman. Have a good time! 4.2 Bubba Hop Bubba Hop In this running game you have to help Bubba. He wants to steal the Totem of Eternal Youth. Be careful, because the bunny gang is mad and they will ... 1 Papa Louie 2 Papa Louie 2 In Papa Louie 2 marty and Rita go the land of Munchmore to save Papa Louie and the other trapped customers. Each customer you save will become a pl... 4.6 Flappy Hunt Flappy Hunt In Flappy Hunt you must shoot down Flappy Birds 8-bit style. You play as a Flappy Bird hunter. In this Flappybird game you must take down all Flapp... 4.2 Dont Step On The White Tile Dont Step On The White Tile In Dont Step On The White Tile you must react really fast to avoid tiles. Use the numbers 1,2,3,4 to move position. You can choose from Classic, T... 4.1

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Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake

4.2 70


Want to join the hype Harlem Shake? Then play this Harlem Shake Game! Select everyone and wait on a safe spot before going wild! You cannot select anyone more then once, and choose the correct route. Play 10 levels and try to beat the time!


Play this game with your keyboard.
Play this game with the arrow keys. R to restart and use space to skip a shake when you're on a safe spot.

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