Stickman Hitman 2Stickman Hitman 2You'll receive e-mails to kill someone. Succeed and you will make a lot of money!...8City ShootoutCity ShootoutTry to shoot all the soldiers in each level. You are hiding out with your rifle. Look carefully to spot the soldiers far away. Make sure to react quic...6Clear Vision 4Clear Vision 4In Clear Vision 4 you have to take out enemies. Read every mission briefing carefully. Locate your targets and kill them with a telescopic sight....6Stealth Sniper 2Stealth Sniper 2Shoot all the enemy soldiers with your sniper, aim carefully and take them out with a single shot. Make sure nobody notices you and shoots back, try to com6Stick Squad 2Stick Squad 2Here is the sequel to the very successful game Stick Squad! Are you ready to show your skills as a sniper? Your mission is to kill entire army of stic...6Dawn of Sniper 2Dawn of Sniper 2Can you help the sniper shoot all the zombies and save all the human survivors? It's dark, and you can only see the zombies through your scope. React ...6Rain Forest HunterRain Forest HunterTry to hunt for all kind of strange animals in the jungle, like winged fish, flying pigs, and flying poo. Can you shoot everything that flies by? Try ...4Advanced Warfare Sharpshooter 3Advanced Warfare Sharpshooter 3Snipers play an important role in every military operation. They shoot down enemies from a great distance. In Advanced Warware you must take out enemi...6Bullet FireBullet FireRun through the abandoned lot and search all the buildings and rooms in this 3D shooter game. It is crawling with enemies, can you shoot them all before thSniper AssasinSniper AssasinShoot all stick figures with your snipe rifle....8

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Now its time to show your hitman skills.


Use the mouse to aim and Shoot. Use the Space bar to reload and Q to change weapons. Homage to Hitman, Hitstick is a shooter game with awesome graphics and 4 exciting settings around the world. Select between two guns, your choice of difficulty and try to sift as many heads as possible!

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