Painted Eggs Painted Eggs Remember the colors and how they painted. 4.4 Earth Taken 3 Earth Taken 3 The earth has been taken over by space aliens! Can you escape from the space alien cloning base and rescue some other survivors. Make it to the hum... 4.7 Tetramino´s Revenge Tetramino´s Revenge Can you dodge all the falling metronomes, the tetris blocks. Make sure none of the tetris blocks falls on your head, and try to destroy them with y... 4.4 Pasen Bejeweled Pasen Bejeweled Collect the Easter eggs. Make the eggs switch places to make rows of three or more. Can you collect enough eggs to pass each level? Try to match th... 4.2 Talking Tom Hospital Recovery Talking Tom Hospital Recovery In this fun animal care game you are the doctor. Take good care of Talking Tom the tomcat. Hes in the hospital because he had a bad fall when he t... 4.3 Rogue Soul 2 Rogue Soul 2 Get ready to play an incredible action game with Rogue Soul 2! You need to help the rewarded thief to become more famous by stealing lots of treasu... 5.4 Drawfender Level Pack Drawfender Level Pack Draw objects to block the attacks of some amateur murderers. Protect the famous man as he travels the world. 4.5 Dungeon Nightmares Dungeon Nightmares Enjoy this extremely terrifying game.. Every night when you go to sleep you wake up inside an endless nightmare. You must escape from a dungeon nig... 4.2 Pandesal Boy Pandesal Boy Pandesal is a platform game with transformable platforms. Help the boy through 28 levels and fight epic bosses. Use WASD to move and mouse to rotat... 1 Airport Control Airport Control Control the Airport in this HTML5 Airport Control game. Guide airplanes and helicopters safely to their landingszone. They must not cross paths, or... 3.9 Raven Crime Raven Crime This adventure point and click game is about a mysterious murder of a young woman with a raven tattoo. Can you solve the mystery? 4.8 Journaliere Journaliere Journaliere is a weird, arstistic adventure game. Use the arrow keys to move and space for action. 1 The Viking's Revenge The Viking's Revenge Take over islands like a real viking in this fun pirate game. Do not underestimate your enemies though because they fight back very hard. Make sure... 5.3 Moon Waltz Moon Waltz Its up to you to decide to change to a werewolve or not. Hit the space bar to make the moon shine. Try to see all different endings. 4.5 Stickman Experiment 51 Stickman Experiment 51 Our hero Stickman is escaping from a deadly experiment! Find out who did this to you and get revenge! With your gravity gun you can shoot everythin... 4.3

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Homer Saw Game

Homer Saw Game

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Homer's family has been kidnapped by the evil puppet Pigsaw, who's holding them captive somewhere in Springfield. Help Homer to rescue Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie before it's too late!

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