Delicious Emily's Tea Garden Delicious Emily's Tea Garden Emily has opened a tea garden. Can you make sure this new business runs well? Serve the customers as quick as you can. Take their order and collect... 4 MineIT MineIT Try to make your way through the mine and collect the items you need. You can also gain experience points as you mine for resources. See what you n... 4.1 CrashTV CrashTV This little TV is about to embark on an adventure. The goal in this funny game is to connect your big computer somewhere beyond a series of dangero... 4.2 Cardinal Quest 2 Cardinal Quest 2 Start your adventure as a warrior and fight in the middle of a village to defeat the evil forces! Find treasures and equip powerful items. After yo... 4.1 Cover Orange Pirates Cover Orange Pirates Find the best way to protect the oranges against the dangerous and destructive pirate rain. Use your mouse to place different objects so that you p... 4.4 Birdy Fruit Birdy Fruit Help this bird fly and collect delicious pieces of fruit. Do not stop flapping mor you will end up dead. Its a bit like Flappy Bird. 4.1 Loot Clicker Loot Clicker Collect your loot in Loot Clicker. A RPG game with no nonsense. 4.1 Douchebag Beach Club Douchebag Beach Club This guy is training hard to score some girls. Make sure his muscles are tight and his hair and clothes look sharp. Every girl will fall for him no... 4.4 Rhino Rink Rhino Rink Rhino Rink is a fun colorful game. Drag a rhino into a direction and take out many others. By using a bomb youll get 3x bonuspoints. Rhino Rink ca... 4.1 Polar Bear Day Care Polar Bear Day Care This cute bear needs some help. Give the bear a warm bath and some warm clothes. Aint he cute? 4.2 Raven Crime Raven Crime This adventure point and click game is about a mysterious murder of a young woman with a raven tattoo. Can you solve the mystery? 4.2 Socrates Jones Socrates Jones After an unfortunate event, accountant Socrates Jones finds himself in the nature of morality. Try to earn back his life by speaking with people. B... 4.1 This Is Not A Minigame This Is Not A Minigame This is not a minimalis game, or is it? Its up to you to find out by playing this platform adventure game. 4.2 Howmonica Howmonica In this platform puzzle game you must color all blocks by simply touching them. You only have to hit space bar to change the gravity. Sometimes you... 4.2 Hell City Hell City Only the strongest can survive this hellish city. Make the right choices to survive and maybe you can bring back peace before it falls apart around... 4

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Homer Saw Game

Homer Saw Game

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Homer's family has been kidnapped by the evil puppet Pigsaw, who's holding them captive somewhere in Springfield. Help Homer to rescue Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie before it's too late!

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