more Enter the war zone and drive around with your tank. Collect the provisions and power-ups dropped by the planes flying over the plains. Can you avoi... 4.6 Robot Mexico Rex Robot Mexico Rex First you have to build your robot dinosaur. Drag the pieces to the right place on the blueprint. Some pieces will fold out or duplicate once you h... 4.2 Whack My Phone Whack My Phone If you are one of the smashing - hittting games fan, this amazing game is just for you. Pick any phone from the main menu and destroy them just the... 4.2 Infectonator Survivors Infectonator Survivors Blast your way through the zombie infected streets. Surviving the zombie virus is not an easy task. The streets are riddled with undead. Your goal ... 4.3 Gunfox Vs Monster Boss Gunfox Vs Monster Boss Aliens are invading your city. This little fox is the only one able to stop them! Take them out in 30 challenging levels. 4.1 Skatester Skatester Compete against other skaters in a race to the finish. Avoid obstacles on the road and perform cool stunts with your skateboard. 4.3 My Little Army My Little Army In this My Little Army game you must attack enemies and keep on adding troops to the battlefield. Good luck! 4.6 Colony Defenders 2 Colony Defenders 2 The Xolara mining facilities are surrounded by alien creatures. Build defensive towers at strategic locations to avoid the terrible alien invasion.... 4.2 Tinysasters 2 Tinysasters 2 Build an amazing civilization in a world made up of small cubes. Fight against natural distasters, build cities, farms, sanctuaries and collect mana. 4.2 Flick Soccer 3D Flick Soccer 3D Your goal in this game is to become a true football legend. Shoot the ball with all your strength towards the goal. Gain experience points and unlo... 4.4 Crossfire M4A1 Dragon Crossfire M4A1 Dragon Shoot down all opponents in this Counterstrike action shooting game. Use your awesome machinegun M4A1. Make sure you have enough bullets. 4.3 Bloodbath Avenue Bloodbath Avenue Try to get to the bunker safely through the zombie infested streets. These walkers will eat you alive. So take them out quickly, and remember, aim ... 4.2 Brawlin Sailor Brawlin Sailor Fight against evil pirates in this platform fighting game! The game has cool line art graphics and animations. Good luck! 1 Feed Us 5 Feed Us 5 Another killer species is free from captivity and out for blood! Our favourite Piranha has escaped the local Aquarium and is terrorizing various su... 4.5 Mad Burger Mad Burger Do you like burgers on a vacation in the fresh air? Youre going to bake them in this fun game. But the real goal is to throw them very far to feed... 4.1
Ice Age 1

Ice Age 1

4.2 675


Try to fly for as long as possible.


To launch use the space-bar, then you use the arrow-keys to control the Ptero.

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