Uno OnlineUno OnlineBe the first to get rid of your cards in the free game Uno Online!7.3Algerijns PatienceAlgerijns PatienceIf you are looking to work out your brain, you must try Algerian Patience. It is a lot like the famous card game, patience, but then significantly har...6Poker World: Offline PokerPoker World: Offline PokerPlay Poker World: Offline Poker now and experience the thrills of casino poker tournaments!SolitaireSolitairePlay a fun game of solitaire. Deal the cards and try to stack them away from the aces to the kings in the empty slots above the dealt cards. This soli...6Tanki OnlineTanki OnlineJoin the battle in Tanki Online! You have access to a whole army of amazing tanks. Cruize around the battle-scarred territory and destroy the military...7.3StrategoStrategoPlay Stratego, the online classic game of battlefield strategy. Create a profile, challenge friends and enjoy 3D battle effects. Do you have what it t...8LunoLunoIn Luno, you have to try to get rid of all your cards. You can throw a card on the discard stack by matching either the symbol or the number. Pester y...6.4Spider Solitaire SuitsSpider Solitaire SuitsPlay a challenging game of spider solitaire and try to stack up all the cards in order by suit. Complete sets stacked from king to ace will fold up an...4.2Amsterdams KlaverjassenAmsterdams KlaverjassenPlay a fun game of Klaverjassen, a traditionally Dutch 4-player card game in which you have to pass along the right cards to win. You form a team with...6Klondike Solitaire 2Klondike Solitaire 2Play a game of classic Klondike Solitaire. You can choose whether you want to turn one card or three cards at the same time. Can you clear away all th...5.9


Assemble a powerful deck with more than 250 unique cards. This is your army. Can you use the characters, artefacts, and powers you have collected to defeat your opponents? Enter epic battles with up to 8 players at a time and use your magic powers to win!

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