Lemmings is a puzzle game that is very cool, original, refreshing, and interesting in every way! Yeah, you get the picture - I like this game A LOT. The concept is very cute: on each level, your task is to save as many lemmings as possible. Lemmings are small creatures with green hair that wobbles back and forth while they walk.

You can accomplish various missions by giving your lemmings some special abilities. For example, you can provide them with umbrellas, make them dig, climb, build stairs, explode ... you practically control their existence. Each level consists of an entry point from which they fall out at a certain rate, and an exit point which they have to reach. The missions are very diverse and can be solved in many different ways. Levels are also very different in size, layout and texture. If you fail a mission, you can start over as many times as you like. You are always given a percentage of lemmings that you have to rescue in order to advance to the next level. When you manage to do this, you'll get a password that you can use for accessing that level directly when restarting the game.

This game will provide fun and pleasure for both kids and adults. Therefore, a mark of 5 for wonderful gameplay and originality, excellent graphics, and great sound. There is absolutely nothing that I can hold against this jewel! Highly recommended!


Use the mouse to play to this game.

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