Monocycle Monocycle Cycle back and forth on your monocycle and see how far you can get. This is a real challenge to your balance and coordination. No handlebars no bra... 4.8 ColorBoom ColorBoom Shoot the coloured smileys at each other. Pair them up by colour and hit them to play them away. Can you collect the stars along the way? Make sure... 5.1 Reach The Core Reach The Core Can you collect as many precious materials as possible with your drill? Try to get to the core of the planet to collect the plasma. To get there, y... 5 Bug Match Bug Match Try to make bejewelled combinations of three of more bugs in this match-3 insects game. Can you clear away all the darkened tiles by making combina... 4.9 Fruita Crush Fruita Crush Can you match up all the fruit to score lots of points and bonus items? Match 3 or more of the same type of fruit and try to score the necessary am... 4.5 Domino Latino Domino Latino Play Domino with players from all over the world. Chat and play against real people! Can you lay all your tiles on the table by matching up the num... Mahjong Mahjong Clear away all the tiles in this challenging Mahjong game. Can you find all the matching pairs? The tiles must be free on at least one of the long ... 5.3 Goodgame Poker Goodgame Poker If youre good at playing poker then youll love this: Goodgame Poker is here! Before you start making bets and winning hands, you can choose and ... 5.3 Shanghai Mahjong Shanghai Mahjong If you are a fan of mahjong games youll absolutely love our new game Shanghai Mahjong! Your mission is to clear the board of tiles by finding all ... 5 Robo Trobo Robo Trobo Something is always going wrong and machines arent working. Nobody but this little robot knows how to fix broken engines. You must help this littl... 1 Pet Crush Saga Pet Crush Saga In Pet Crush Saga you must save the pets by removing blocks underneath them untill they reach the bottom. Think about your moves! 5.4 Tattoo Passion Tattoo Passion Howdy! You are the tattoo professional here. Your customers would like a tattoo. Each customer has different requirements. Listen carefully to what... 4.7 Chesssss Chesssss In this chess game you play with 4 people! Youll have to pay more attention to the movements of your opponents. Good luck catching the king! 4.8 Dungeon Blocks Tetris Dungeon Blocks Tetris This Tetris game is bit differently.. instead of removing blocks you must stack them to build holes! The larger your hole (dungeon) the more points... 4.8 Yahtzee Yahtzee Play this fun game of Yahtzee and get the highest score! Enjoy this fun Yahtzee game! 5.1

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Mah Jongg Speed

Mah Jongg Speed

5.3 121


Play this Mahjong variant. It's a race against the clock.


Play this game with the mouse.

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princeton +1 not a good game