Rullo Rullo Click away the numbers that do not fit in the rows and columns. The numbers in the squares along the sides of the grid indicate what the cumulative... 4 Mahjong FRVR Mahjong FRVR Play a fun mahjong game by FRVR. This smoothly animated game starts easy and raises the difficulty for each level you pass. Can you solve all the m... 4.2 Puppet Escape Puppet Escape Fly through the sky with Handy and Teru to rescue Mr Piggy the Piggybank. All of Mr Piggys coins have been scattered. Try to collect as many of the... 4 Tip Tap 2 Tip Tap 2 Let the little creature scuttle between the two walls. A new path will appear to the side. Tap the screen or click at the right moment to make the ... 3.9 Solitaire Classic Easter Solitaire Classic Easter Can you play away all the Easter-themed cards by suit in this solitaire game? Try to find all the aces and stack away the cards from the ace to the... 4.2 Mahjong Mania Mahjong Mania Mahjong Mania is a game of Mahjong with the added element of time. Quickly, match the tiles with the same images and if you finish the level fast ... 4.2 ColorBoom ColorBoom Shoot the coloured smileys at each other. Pair them up by colour and hit them to play them away. Can you collect the stars along the way? Make sure... 4.2 Jackpot Giant Casino Jackpot Giant Casino Why go to Las Vegas when you can enjoy this awesome slot machine and all its great bonus features from your sofa or desk chair online! Spin the ree... 4.2 The Shape The Shape Can you guess all the correct shapes? Youll see a sum, but not with numbers. Instead, youll see different shapes. Can you select the correct shap... 1 Magic Mahjong Magic Mahjong Help the wizard destroy the magic mahjong tiles by finding the matching pairs. Can you find the playable tiles and blast them with your magic power... 4 Gold Miner Slots Gold Miner Slots Spin the reels in this slot machine game and collect as much gold as you can with the gold miner. Can you line up the most valuable icons along the... 4.1 Mahjong Online Mahjong Online Play a fun game of Mahjong and clear away all the tiles by combining the playable matching tiles. This game has all kinds of useful features, like ... 4.2 Mahjong Dimensions 3D Mahjong Dimensions 3D Can you solve all the puzzles in this fun Mahjong game? Rotate the 3D mahjong puzzle in order to find all the combinations. Quick combos will help... 4.2 Monkey GO Happy Samurai Monkey GO Happy Samurai Can you help the monkey find all the hidden mini monkey ninjas? Open all the cabinets and search in the shrubs. Help the people you meet by picking... 4.2 Mahjong Adventure Mahjong Adventure Take a walk through the woods and play lots of fun mahjong connect games along the way. Can you match up all the animals in pairs? The line between... 4

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Mah Jongg Speed

Mah Jongg Speed

4.3 121


Play this Mahjong variant. It's a race against the clock.


Play this game with the mouse.

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princeton +1 not a good game