Dynamons 2Dynamons 2Dynamon 2 is a fun pet battle game based on the popular Pokemon anime. Choose your own starter Dynamon: plant-type Quacko, water-type Pengoo, or fire-...7.4Dynamons WorldDynamons WorldHave fun playing the free rpg pet collecting game Dynamons World!7.3Clever ElephantClever ElephantTake care of this beautiful elephant, make sure you take care of it's every needs. In this fun girl game you will have a great time with this elephant...8Sheep vs Aliens 2Sheep vs Aliens 2The sheeps are back and it's time to get revenge on the green aliens who kidnap their friends. Sheep vs Aliens 2 uses the mechanics of "Angry Birds Sp...6Nuclear EagleNuclear EagleYour baby birds are starving. Feed them quickly with their favorite meal.. humans. Hunt down humans and drag them to the nest. Of course you will be h...6Fluffy RunnerFluffy RunnerThe heavy storm has dragged you to the other side of the lake! Jump, run and collect fresh fruits and find your way back to your family. Try to keep t...8Dog Pet HouseDog Pet HouseFind a nice and comfy home for your dog. But as picky as he is, the house must use the right materials, colors and decorations. Look good at what your...6Galactic CatsGalactic CatsA evil hamster threatens to destroy the galaxy. A few brave cats are willing to stop him with your help. Control their spaceship and destroy him! Good...6Cat ConnectionCat ConnectionConnect the same cats in this cute Mahjong (connect) game! The game is simple: click on a cat and connect it with the same cat. The connection cannot ...8Sweet PonySweet PonyTake care of this sweet pony. First collect tools (by running and jumping), then wash and brush the horse, then repair her shoes and of course you wil...8


Take care of the mother dog and her newborn pups. Watch the white bar, it needs to stay white. Drag the puppy's to their mother to give them milk. Don't forget to clean the blankets and other stuff to keep the pups and their mother healthy and clean.

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