Connect Me Connect Me Connect all the blocks in Connect Me Factory. Mr. Blue likes to move, Mr Red likes to rotate and Mr. Pink.. he likes both. You can also play Connec... 1 Blocks With Letters 4 Blocks With Letters 4 Form words with the letters on the screen. The tricky part is that you need to align the word in the yellow area. Move letters one by one to the co... 1 Fill Up Fill Up In this challenging puzzle game you need to get the balls with the stars in the right place. Really overthink your moves, because before you know, ... 4.7 Earthbound Earthbound In earthbound your goal is to use your brain to make the desolated ground filled with rain. Bring back life, but do not cross your path. Leave behi... 5.2 Scroll Blocks Scroll Blocks Touch the two scroll blocks together. 1 Rolling Block Mazes Rolling Block Mazes Make sure your block ends at the cross sign. 4.5 Crate Maneuvering Crate Maneuvering Push the crates to reach the gray balls. Dont block yourself. 1 Stoneage Enigma Stoneage Enigma An age is defined by its tools: for weapons, for houses, for puzzles… 1 The Crate Escape The Crate Escape Help all the circus animals escape the train! Push their cages to the keys and free them all! 4.7 Matcheroo Matcheroo Your task in this cool physics-based game is to slide the gems and make all gems of identical touch to clear them in each level. 1 Storage Storage Try to bring the boxes to the green places. 1 Slide Slide Try to get the right ball on the right colour. 4.7 Rock Garden Rock Garden Take care of the garden in the puzzle game Rock Garden and cluster all similar stones. 4.7 Bloc Bloc Drop the piece in the correct hole and go to the next level! 4.9 Blocs Blocs Blocs Blocs Addicted to blocks? Then you might want to tease your brain in this logic puzzle sokoban game. 1

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Match The Dots

Match The Dots

5.8 60


Try to put the cube the same way as the example.


Use the arrowkeys to play this game.

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