Zippy Boxes Zippy Boxes Push the blocks through the level to match the colour with the keys. Can you push all the blocks into the right spot? They can only move in the dir... 4 Mixed World Mixed World Can you push the brave bull through the levels using the drills and the metal springs? Try to reach the brave bull girl pirate in each level. Activ... 4.2 The Legend Of Puzzle The Legend Of Puzzle Explore the towers and try to gather all treasures by solving all the legendary puzzles of this epic game. 4.2 Connect Me Connect Me Connect all the blocks in Connect Me Factory. Mr. Blue likes to move, Mr Red likes to rotate and Mr. Pink.. he likes both. You can also play Connec... 4.2 Minecraft Clone Minecraft Clone Play this Minecraft Clone and discover the fantastic open world of Minecraft. Mine Clone has a vast landscape with many myesteries. Mine Craft is a... 4 Demon Decimator Demon Decimator In this fun online game you must take the blocky demon to the hot lava. This is a very challenging task. You can only move into one direction at a ... 4 Fill Up Fill Up In this challenging puzzle game you need to get the balls with the stars in the right place. Really overthink your moves, because before you know, ... 4.1 Earthbound Earthbound In earthbound your goal is to use your brain to make the desolated ground filled with rain. Bring back life, but do not cross your path. Leave behi... 4.2 A Maze Yin A Maze Yin Push the blocks to make path to the exit. 4.2 Stoneage Enigma Stoneage Enigma An age is defined by its tools: for weapons, for houses, for puzzles… 1 Exorbis Exorbis Use the sliders to slide the rows and columns so the balls end up at the right place. 1 Mine Solver Mine Solver Slide the gems into the right spots without pushing into spots that cant be moved. 1 Slide Slide Try to get the right ball on the right colour. 1 Girls Team Girls Team Help these ladies level up. 4.1 Box Mania Box Mania Try to bring all the blocks to the right corner. 1

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Match The Dots

Match The Dots

5.8 60


Try to put the cube the same way as the example.


Use the arrowkeys to play this game.

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