Battle Area Battle Area 4.2 Rage Zombie Shooter Rage Zombie Shooter Zombies are everywhere and they are coming to eat your brain! Your mission in this exciting game is not to get hit by the attacking zombies. Move y... 4.2 Penguin Destroyer Penguin Destroyer You are about to play a great shooting game with Penguin Destroyer! Penguins are very cute animals but they can be bad when they want! Your mission... 3.9 The Dragooner The Dragooner The Dragooner is a game about a knight with a dragon, often called a Dragoon. In The Dragooner you will fly a little firedrake through the air. You... 3.9 Mafia Kills Mafia Kills Mafia Kills is a 2D shooting game in which you play as a powerful mob boss (godfather). Mafia Kills has 25 levels with an endless amount of bullets... 4.1 Age Of War 2 Age Of War 2 Age of War 2 is a defense strategy game. You must destroy the enemy base while defending yours. Send out troops, defend your base by building turre... 4.6 Knight Slider Knight Slider Slide through the mazes while crushing enemies and collecting keys. Let the knight slide to the door by rotating each level. 4.2 Dragon Princess Dragon Princess Bazooka Boy Level Pack Bazooka Boy Level Pack Use your bazooka to destroy all the golden blocks. Good fact: your bazooka cant harm you. 4 Solandia Uprising Solandia Uprising Fight for the freedom of your people in this swords and sandals game! Destroy enemy bases by sending out your best warrors. Fight with bow and arro... 4.1 Deadly Road Trip Deadly Road Trip Go on a Deadly Road Trip in search for money in this cool shoot em up action game. Use your mouse to control your Harley and take down enemies. 1 Token Hero Token Hero The pretty princes has been kidnapped! The brave heroes and knights of the Kingdom are set out to rescue, but they failed. Now youre the only hope... 4.1 Heroes Empire Heroes Empire Its time for war! Gather your best troops and build a mighty army to attack hostile cities. Be a real king! Good luck! 4.2 Forgotten Dungeon Forgotten Dungeon In this epic RPG game you have to explore dangerous dungeons, kill monsters and gain experience. 4.1 AL Project AL Project AL Project is a mix between a game and a graphic novel. You will be amazed by how pretty and awesome this game is! Search every corner for items an... 4.2

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Mazinger Z

Mazinger Z

4.1 1.211


Fight these robots! Show them who's the boss!


Play this game with the mouse.

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