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Harry Potter 3DHarry Potter 3DEven non-'Harry Potter'-fans should play this sweet 3D first person shooter game. 8Swords and Sandals 2Swords and Sandals 2Your ultimate goal is to help the gladiator battle his way to fame and fortune. Defeat all the arena champions and reign as a champion yourself. If yo...8Cavemen BattleCavemen BattleIn this game, you start at the cavemen's age, then evolve! There are a total of 5 ages, each with its own units and turrets. Take control of 16 differ...8Sword and Sandals UltraSword and Sandals UltraPlay part 4 of the Swords and Sandals version and be the best gladiator!8Age of WarAge of WarYour goal is to survive and destroy the enemy base. The game is divided in five ages. To move to the next age, you need xp points. To gain these point...8Stormy CastleStormy CastleDefend your castle while you attack the enemy. Build important buildings like barracks and blacksmiths to improve the skills of your troops. Don't los...8Age Of War 2Age Of War 2Age of War 2 is a defense strategy game. You must destroy the enemy base while defending yours. Send out troops, defend your base by building turrets ...8Bit DungeonBit DungeonYou and your wife were captured by demons! Now you have been trapped in this dungeon for over a thousand years! But.. you wake up and grab your weapon...8.1Teelonians Clan WarsTeelonians Clan WarsSend your Teelonian Clan to battle! Lead your troops to enemy lines and defeat them all. Deploy stronger troops untill you claim victory.8Empires of ArkeiaEmpires of ArkeiaComplete missions, upgrade your army and do good deed! Fight against enmies in this online game 'Empires of Arkeia' and win the battle. This game is f...8


Fight these robots! Show them who's the boss!


Play this game with the mouse.

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