Mr. Vengeance Upgrade Mr. Vengeance Upgrade You are trapped in a terrible place surrounded by zombies. Grab your gun and take them down! Are you skilled enough to surive the zombie attack? 4.3 Dead Square Dead Square Zombies!!! The goal of this 3D Zombie shooter game is simple: shoot down all square Minecraft Zombies down with amazing guns! Your objective is to ... 4.3 Weapons Engage Weapons Engage Youve started working for an elite corps of the army. Your mission is to infiltrate enemy positions. Use different weapons in this game to success... 4.2 Fruit Destroyer Fruit Destroyer Hey, you! Do you wanna join us to get some Fruit. I will give you a gun with lot of bullets to shoot fruits in this free online shooting game! 1 Let the Bullets Fly Let the Bullets Fly Fire your limited bullets just right to ricochet them into killing or knocking over all the enemies. 4.2 Sift Heads World Ultimatum Sift Heads World Ultimatum The team is back with an unstoppable fury! As they are being chased by the police they will confront their deadliest rivals, Alonzo and Yuuma. Vinn... 4.4 DyeHard Paintball DyeHard Paintball Play a match of paintball with these crazy characters. 4.1 Kwikshot Kwikshot Show us your shooting skills. 4 Office Shooting Office Shooting Shoot the people at the office! 4.2 Loguns S-16 Loguns S-16 Shoot all the targets out of the air. 4.2 Cubesteak Slingshot Surprise Cubesteak Slingshot Surprise Blast all pirates to smithereens, hunt them back to the sea! 1 Pop Me Pop Me Pop all the bubbles on the screen and try not to miss any of them! You gain time by popping bubbles, and you lose time by clicking on the backgroun... 4 Mission Commando Mission Commando You are on a commando mission…kill the enemy before the enemy kills you. 4.1 Turbo Tester Turbo Tester Shoot the cars at the right moment. 4.1 Evil Care Bears Evil Care Bears Shoot the Care Bears and try to survive. 1

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McCain vs Barack Obama

McCain vs Barack Obama

4.2 1.905


This is your chance to show how you feel about these presidential candidates.


Mouse = Aim & Shoot
Hold down the left mouse button to throw with more force.

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