Stick Squad 4 Stick Squad 4 Accompany the two slightly stupid and very trigger-happy Stick Squad agents on a new mission. De StickBook database has been hacked, and national s... 4.2 Mr. Vengeance Upgrade Mr. Vengeance Upgrade You are trapped in a terrible place surrounded by zombies. Grab your gun and take them down! Are you skilled enough to surive the zombie attack? 4.3 Dead Square Dead Square Zombies!!! The goal of this 3D Zombie shooter game is simple: shoot down all square Minecraft Zombies down with amazing guns! Your objective is to ... 4.2 Dead Zed 2 Dead Zed 2 Fight in the middle of a zombie revolution. You must hold for 40 days untill you get rescued. Grab your gun, aim and shoot down all zombies. 4.3 Army Sharpshooter Army Sharpshooter Step in the role of a soldier in this fun shooting game. Terrorists are closing in on you very fast. You are the last hope of the whole army. Grab ... 4.3 Bounzy 2 Bounzy 2 Shooting zombies with bouncing bullets was never this fun before! Can you survive the apocalypse in this online game? Try it out and survive in thi... 1 Blazing Squad 3 Blazing Squad 3 Shoot as many targets as you can within the limit of time. 4.1 Fatal Trap 2 Fatal Trap 2 Shoot down the enemy. 4.1 Counter Force Counter Force This game is based on the super famous Counter Strike. Play here Counter Force! 4.3 Fish Cat Fish Cat Throw the fish at the cats, because theyd like to have a nice and tasty piece of fish. 1 International Killer International Killer Nothing is more convincing than a bullet to the brain... 4.1 Skeet Shooter Game Skeet Shooter Game Shoot the clay Frisbees. Dont forget to reload when you can. 1 Toon Crisis 2 Toon Crisis 2 Shoot all aliens during your daily jogging routine. 1 Boom Stick Boom Stick Boom Stick is one fancy shooter game. You have to fire at various geometric shapes and to collect the ammo. 1 Carnival Shooter Carnival Shooter Shoot all the metal sheet animals in this sweet little Carnival Shooter fun game! 1

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McCain vs Barack Obama

McCain vs Barack Obama

4.2 1.903


This is your chance to show how you feel about these presidential candidates.


Mouse = Aim & Shoot
Hold down the left mouse button to throw with more force.

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