Sift Heads Cartels Act 3 Sift Heads Cartels Act 3 The story of Vinnie continues in Sift Heads Cartels Act 3! His team takes revenge. But not everything goes as planned. Vinnie ends up in a dificult... 4.4 Rapid Gun Rapid Gun You are an elite soldier and your task is to eliminate all the enemies in the area. Be quick and try to dodge all enemy bullets. This shooter game ... 4.4 Bazookie Bazookie Blow up all the TNT in each level with a limited number of shots. 1 Penguins Clash Penguins Clash Slippery ice, snowballs, penguins and guns. This is the perfect combinations for a southpole fight. 4.1 Sierra 7 Sierra 7 Jump right into the war. Youre the seventh special marine in the unit Sierra. Your goal is to nutrilize the militia. 4.4 Fatal Trap 2 Fatal Trap 2 Shoot down the enemy. 4 Shoot Him Down Shoot Him Down Shoot with everything you have and buy updates! 4.2 International Killer International Killer Nothing is more convincing than a bullet to the brain... 1 Balloon Cat Balloon Cat Eliminate dragons in order to be able to pass to the next level. 1 Chocolate Factory Take Over Chocolate Factory Take Over Shoot tons of Oompa Loompas in this Chocolate Factory Takeover! 1 Vinnie Rampage Vinnie Rampage When Vinnie’s at the wheel, the streets ain’t safe for any thug up on his grill. 4.2 Cubesteak Slingshot Surprise Cubesteak Slingshot Surprise Blast all pirates to smithereens, hunt them back to the sea! 1 Trouble on the way Trouble on the way A funny shooting flash cowboy game where you are a sherrif. 1 Wild West Coin Fest Wild West Coin Fest Howdy partner! Those crazy cowboys and gunslingers are takin over town. We need your help to collect all the golden coins theyve stolen. 1 Duck Hunt Duck Hunt Try to complete this old popular game Duckhunt. 4.2

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McCain vs Barack Obama

McCain vs Barack Obama

4.2 1.905


This is your chance to show how you feel about these presidential candidates.


Mouse = Aim & Shoot
Hold down the left mouse button to throw with more force.

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