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Nerdy To Emo

Nerdy To Emo

PEGI-7 PEGI 7   
4.9 1.667


This nerdy girl goes emo when she's done with work. At work she's really boring, but late at night.. this girl gets wild! Grab the make-up and give this nerdy girl a real emo makeover.


Play this game with your mouse.

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Esme198 +0 i cant pop the last spot which is so annoying cos it wont work never i tried reseting it wont work )::
Esme198 +0 not a bad game
stephanie5089 +0 bitch
stephanie5089 +0 OMG seriously floramoolly quit commenting on so much fricking stuff your annoying...... YOUR WELCOME!!!
floramolly +0 bye
floramolly +0 i do them all the time
floramolly +0 coments are so cool
floramolly +0 dang it
floramolly +0 aaa
floramolly +0 I cant stop!
floramolly +0 tell me!
floramolly +0 do i have to?
floramolly +0 ill stop now
floramolly +0 ok i have too much coments.
floramolly +0 Its easy
floramolly +0 I can actually make her ugly
floramolly +0 Sometimes she terns out ugly
floramolly +0 ♥ it
floramolly +0 This game is real good. i think she should be more pretty so its good you can make her that.
kidababey +0 Should really be renamed to "From nerdy to scene" as a stereotypical nerd is at the start and a stereotypical scene girl is at the end, stereotypical emos wear mostly black.