One Direction Game

One Direction Game

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Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn en Louis are ready for another complete makeover in this make over game! Together they form One Direction and are known from winning X-Factor and their songs like 'one thing'. In this girl game you can give these popular boys a complete makover. Give them a new outfit, dye their hair, give them a beard. Let yourself go, and enjoy this online girl game! Which One Direction boy do you like most?


Play this game with your mouse.

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debidyuti +0 (inlove)(kiss):D;Pdiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirectioner
dianastar +0 i love them
aquexii.jabbey +0 i loke !D
wolf_baby +0 not very life like! zayn does not look like that! :O
angelad614 +0 I love one direction
Zanygirl1212 +0 Add ME Ps I am sorry i can't stop thinking about one direction
Zanygirl1212 +0 I am ONE DIRECTION 1# FAN PS YOu are Mother ******
BriannaAllen9 +0 i am one direction #1 FAN
croggy +0 im in love with onedirection hopefully one day i can meet then ****** i die im so hppy they are out and they made it big love you one direction
franchesca +0 fghjgjghk
alam +0 i love one direction
djenifar1 +0 kiss you
anjaaki.susnjar +0 I love One Direction very much! I love song Story Of My Life! Beautiful! Goodbye!
HarryStylesrocks +1 dibs on harry styles
HarryStylesrocks +0 one direction for life
astred +0 one direction is great
IluvNIALLiluv1D +0 im from the country i put in my first comment
IluvNIALLiluv1D +0 **** ok!
IluvNIALLiluv1D +0 meant to say, i **** in america thts my 'home country'
IluvNIALLiluv1D +0 I LOVE NIALL!!!THE MOST IN THE WORLD MY ROOM IS COVERED WITH 1D PICS,POSTERS EVEN MAGAZINE CUTOUTS I LOVE 1D IM THEIR BIGGEST FAN EVE!!!!!! BTW:ive watched the xfactor when they were on it voted for them even though i **** in america!