Crazy Birds 2 Crazy Birds 2 Launch the crazy birds with the catapult and knock over the structures built by the pink pigs. The pigs are hiding, but can you hit them all with y... 4.3 Clockwork Beetles Clockwork Beetles Can you connect all the matching pieces in combinations of three or more and repair all of the mechanical beetles? How many beetles will you be ab... 4.5 Blow Fish Blow Fish Try to hit all of the blowfish with the pearls in your pinball machine. They can bounce off the coloured pips and the crab swimming at the bottom. ... 4.1 Newspaper Boy Halloween Newspaper Boy Halloween Cycle through the neighbourhood and throw pumpkins through the windows. Can you break enough windows and cause the houses to blow up? Your pal Gina... 4.3 Dad and Me Dad and Me Help the Kid for the Dad & Me series to beat up the other kids in the playground. Watch out, because some other kids are playground bullies too and... 4.5 El Papel El Papel Meet El Papel! This Mexican fellow has no trouble eating burritos. Stretch his neck to solve 40 puzzles. You must help him to get the precious toi... 4.4 Fragile Hero Fragile Hero Find ways to destroy the hero in each level of this game! Remove blocks to let the donut roll. 1 Properly Broccoli Properly Broccoli Eat broccoli and not your farts?! That is strange, your farts are way more delicious than broccoli right? This is the weirdest game you will play t... 4.5 Ridiculous Glitching Ridiculous Glitching Dodge walls, ghosts and other obstacles while eating cherries and the famous Pac-Man pills. Prepare for a very addictive game that will drive you c... 4.4 Cover Color Game Cover Color Game A simple puzzle game where you must try to match the shapes. 4.5 Death Lab Death Lab Take out guards and try to escape the laboratory. 5 Dare Up Dare Up Fly through the air above the surface of dangerous mountains. Collect rings and open your parachute to land safely. To play this game you need the ... 4 Wonder Soup Wonder Soup What for Wonder Soup are you cooking today? Of course youll need some fresh tomatos! Remove blocks to get them inside the cauldron. Bon appetit! 1 Gift Rush Gift Rush In Gift Rush you must give presents to your spider girlfriend by using your spiderwebs. Climb on walls and bring your girlfriend and gifts together. 4.3 Dummy Chrusher Dummy Chrusher Gebruik je arsenaal aan wapens en objecten om deze dummies te slopen! Richt zoveel mogelijk ravage aan met deze vette Physics Game Pop Slopen. ... 4.5

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Pacman Platform 1

Pacman Platform 1

4.4 2.045


Finish the levels with pacman eat all the dots and avoid the ghosts.


Left/Right = Movement
Space or up = Jump
Q = Change quality
Navigate in menus: Arrow keys and Enter

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