Circle Circus Circle Circus These little robots are going around in circles. By flipping to the other side of the track they can move into other circles. Because inside of the... 4.7 Circle Run Circle Run 4.6 Mountain Hop Mountain Hop Jump down the mountain with your bunny and a number of other animals you can collect with the points you earn along the way. Can you grab the stars... 5.8 Crossy Temple Crossy Temple How far kan you make it through the dangerous temple with your Indiana Jones character? You will have to cross all kinds of dangerous obstacles, bu... 4.5 Road Safety Road Safety Can you help all the kids safely cross the road in this road crossing game? Watch out for the cars, busses, and motorcycles. Can you dodge them all... 4.6 Rats Invasion 2 Rats Invasion 2 Rats again! They have invaded your house for the second time What will you do? If you are not a rat fan there is no way but killing them. You need... 4.9 Chompy The Greedy Crocodile Chompy The Greedy Crocodile Chompy is a greedy crocodile who is always on the hunt for coins. Help him find as many as possible in this online jumping game. 4.5 Gravi Jello Gravi Jello A great brainteaser game is coming to you with Gravi Jello! In this 3 match game, you have to pop jelly monsters and try to clean all the game plat... 4.6 Lucky Duckies Lucky Duckies Help mother duck cross a dangerous road. Make sure no duck gets hit by a car. It would be very sad.. The ducks are even on the news! Try to reach t... 4.6 Strike Force Kitty Strike Force Kitty Strike Force Kitty to the recue! Play as a group of kittens in this action packed running game. Upgrade your kitty friends in order to save the cat... 4.7 Flappy Bird Angry Bird Flappy Bird Angry Bird Play this strange version of Flappy Bird! This time you must not dodge pipes, but destroy them! The game will get harder as time progresses. To pla... 1 Gift Rush Gift Rush In Gift Rush you must give presents to your spider girlfriend by using your spiderwebs. Climb on walls and bring your girlfriend and gifts together. 4.4 Crazy Golf Ish Crazy Golf Ish Shoot the fish towards its glass bowl. Sushi tastes great, but try to be careful for any obstacles ok? This game is basically a golf game with a fish. 4.6 Golden Intuition Golden Intuition Choose one of the paths, open boxes of surprises and make your way to the golden statue trying to score the best points! How far can you get withou... 4.6 Joywalking Joywalking Come on, and cross the road! Theres nothing to fear crossing the highway right? Try to get as many stickmans across the road. Alive of course. The... 4.7

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Pepe Le Pew

Pepe Le Pew

8.5 966


Help Pepe LePew reach his beloved by guiding him through the traffic and across the river.


Arrow keys = move

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