Bike Tyke Bike Tyke 4 Wake the Santa Wake the Santa Remove the blocks of snow and Christmas decorations to drop the snowflake. Make sure the snowflake falls onto the sleeping Santa and wakes him up. ... 4.2 Pou Thanksgiving Day Slacking Pou Thanksgiving Day Slacking Pou has to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. Theres lots of other things Pou would rather do than prepare the turkey though... Can you help Pou find ot... 4.2 Crossy Temple Crossy Temple How far kan you make it through the dangerous temple with your Indiana Jones character? You will have to cross all kinds of dangerous obstacles, bu... 4.3 Adventure Capitalist Adventure Capitalist In this capitalism game you start with a humble lemonade stand. Work your way up and diversify your portfolio. Soon you will start attracting angel... 4 Eieren Verzamelen Eieren Verzamelen Run across the road with the Easter bunny. Make sure you dont get hit by any cars or space alien UFOs. Can you pick up the Easter eggs and match t... 4.2 Crossy Road Crossy Road Help the chicken get to the other side. The other side of the road that is! Can you quickly cross the road and dodge the cars? There are also lots ... 4.3 Road Safety Road Safety Can you help all the kids safely cross the road in this road crossing game? Watch out for the cars, busses, and motorcycles. Can you dodge them all... 4.3 Joywalking Joywalking Come on, and cross the road! Theres nothing to fear crossing the highway right? Try to get as many stickmans across the road. Alive of course. The... 4.2 King's Ascent King's Ascent How far can you get in this addicting game? You have to jump from platform to platform and drop them onto monsters. The game also has an interestin... 4.1 Rico Ninja Rico Ninja Save the humans from the zombies in this fun physics ricochet game. After years of training the time has finally come to show your ninja skills. Sh... 4.2 Dechmog Dechmog Help this cute little creature get his eye back by removing clouds and dropping planks. Let the eye roll to him while collecting as many stars are ... 1 Cute Yorkie Cute Yorkie Her name is Natalie! Shes fond of small dogs. Together in this game for girls you will take care of her dog. Help her dog cross the street, build ... 4.2 Ninja vs Zombie Ninja vs Zombie In Ninja vs Zombie you will take it on against the zombies! Throw shrikens like a real ninja at zombies and cut their heads off! Use all your ninja... 4.3 Across Across This Dinosaur may have survived its kind, but not for much longer. This stunter is crossing the street, and despirately needs your help. Look left ... 4.2

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Pepe Le Pew

Pepe Le Pew

8.5 966


Help Pepe LePew reach his beloved by guiding him through the traffic and across the river.


Arrow keys = move

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