Elsa Christmas Real Haircuts Elsa Christmas Real Haircuts In this girls game Elsa from Frozen is celebrating Christmas by getting a new hairstyle. Help her to find the perfect hairstyle. Elsa will show you... 4.2 Road Safety 2 Road Safety 2 Try out the newest game: Road Safety 2! 3.9 Bus Parking 3D World Bus Parking 3D World Drive through the city in this 3D game and try to find the parking spot for your bus. Follow the yellow arrows through town until you find the high... 4 Christmas Toy Room Christmas Toy Room Can you search the Christmas toy room and find all the clues? Use the clues sprinkled through the room to solve all the codebreaker puzzles and col... 4.3 Bubble Charms Xmas Bubble Charms Xmas Can you clear the bubbles away by making match-3 combinations? Play away all the bubbles and find out how far you can get. New colours will be intr... 4.2 Flappy Christmas Flappy Christmas Fly through the Christmas tunnel with Dr Atoms dog, Quark. Can you dodge all the obstacles and grab all the golden Christmas stars? See how far you... 4.1 Crossy Temple Crossy Temple How far kan you make it through the dangerous temple with your Indiana Jones character? You will have to cross all kinds of dangerous obstacles, bu... 4.1 Delicious Emily's Tea Garden Delicious Emily's Tea Garden Emily has opened a tea garden. Can you make sure this new business runs well? Serve the customers as quick as you can. Take their order and collect... 4.2 Eieren Verzamelen Eieren Verzamelen Run across the road with the Easter bunny. Make sure you dont get hit by any cars or space alien UFOs. Can you pick up the Easter eggs and match t... 1 Crossy Road Crossy Road Help the chicken get to the other side. The other side of the road that is! Can you quickly cross the road and dodge the cars? There are also lots ... 4.1 Road Safety Road Safety Can you help all the kids safely cross the road in this road crossing game? Watch out for the cars, busses, and motorcycles. Can you dodge them all... 4.2 Flappy Bird Forest Adventure Flappy Bird Forest Adventure From time to time Flappy Bird is lost inside a forrest. Help him get out of there using the fewest possible flapping. 4.1 Lucky Duckies Lucky Duckies Help mother duck cross a dangerous road. Make sure no duck gets hit by a car. It would be very sad.. The ducks are even on the news! Try to reach t... 4.2 Stick Blender Stick Blender Defend the blender against a giant wave of attacking stickmans. Throw them into the blender where they will be crushed into a bloody drink! Enjoy! 4.4 Pizza Tangle Pizza Tangle Your task in this funny game is to help the little mouse. You must cut all the ingredients to make a delicious pizza. Beware for mousetraps though!... 4

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Pepe Le Pew

Pepe Le Pew

4.1 968


Help Pepe LePew reach his beloved by guiding him through the traffic and across the river.


Arrow keys = move

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