Pou Thanksgiving Day SlackingPou Thanksgiving Day SlackingPou has to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. There's lots of other things Pou would rather do than prepare the turkey though... Can you help Pou find other...4Pou KissingPou KissingPou is out on a date with his girlfriend, Girl Pou. Can you help Pou and his girlfriend kiss during their date? Make sure nobody catches you kissing o...6Perfect Pou CouplePerfect Pou CoupleHelp Pou find the way to his girlfriend in this platform puzzle. Can you roll, stop, and float to reach her? Try to collect all three stars along the ...6Pou Kitchen SlackingPou Kitchen SlackingIn this game Pou is working in the kitchen of a restaurant. There are lots of things Pou would rather do than stir the soup. Can you help Pou try out ...6Flappy PouFlappy PouCan you fly through the forest with Pou. Pou has a jet pack strapped to his back. Make sure he doesn't crash into any of the branches. Can you guide h...6Pou Halloween Clean UpPou Halloween Clean UpPou has taken a long time to get his Halloween costume ready. It's almost time for the Halloween party at Pou's house, but the house is still such a m...7.8Dirty PouDirty PouPou has gotten very dirty while playing outside. Can you help him get cleaner up? Put Pou in bath and scrub him clean again. Can you scrub away all th...6.1Pou at the FarmPou at the FarmPou is working at the farm in this fun game. Can you help him harvest the crops and feed the animals. There is lots of work to do at the farm. Can you...6Pou Halloween SlackingPou Halloween SlackingPou is at a Halloween party, but he's really bored. Find other fun things to do with Pou, but make sure the host doesn't catch you messing around. Ove...7.1
Pou Like Candy

Pou Like Candy



Pou really likes candy. The candy is swinging back and forth on a piece of string. Can you cut the rope to drop the candy at the right moment so that it drops into Pou's mouth? You will have to get the candy past various obstacles! Can you do it? Have fun with this cute Pou game!

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