Run 3Run 3Run and jump through the universe of Run 3. The successor of Run and Run 2 Run. Run, skate, float and jump through an endless blue tunnel in space. Do...8Mind ControlMind ControlThe objective is to unlock all the doors of Ed's mind while avoiding all happy thoughts. ...8Bob the RobberBob the RobberMake your way through the houses with Bob the Robber. Can you stay out of the range of the security cameras and pick the locks on all the doors to collect Strike Force Heroes 2Strike Force Heroes 2Enemies have taken over some space warship, and you have been sent to take it over. Customize 5 unique soldiers with hundred of weapons, attachments, ...8NogNogNog is the name of this strange creature that is searching for his girlfriend in this liquid world. Jump platforms and wacht out not to fall off....6Raze 3Raze 3Great adventure is going on with Raze 3! World's destiny is in your hands again! Arm yourself with weapons, equipment, and abilities than continue sav...8Prince and Princess ElopePrince and Princess ElopeA great adventure welcomes you with this 2 player game! In Prince and Princess Elope, you and your friend can play together instantly on same pc! Cont...6Perfect Pou CouplePerfect Pou CoupleHelp Pou find the way to his girlfriend in this platform puzzle. Can you roll, stop, and float to reach her? Try to collect all three stars along the ...6Steak and JackSteak and JackHelp the buddies Steak and Jack deliver milk to the farm. There are many obstacles along the way, but bird Jack can fill these up with colors. Make th...8Gravity ExperimentGravity ExperimentSolve the puzzles by manipulating gravity. Move the blocks in order to open the doors to the next level. Good luck!...6

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Prince of Persia 1

Prince of Persia 1



Help the prince stop the Vizier from unleashing the Sands of Time!


Shift = grab onto ledges/pick up items.<br> Spacebar = perform the Standing Forward Jump.<br> Arrow key Up = jump/parry an incoming attack.<br> Arrow key Down = duck/put your sword away.<br> Arrow key Left = move left.<br> Arrow key Right = move right.

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