VIP Spades VIP Spades Spades is a fun trick taking game played with a 52 card deck. Take turns around the table with players from all over the world in this multiplayer ... 4.1 Jelly Slide Jelly Slide Help the Jelly creatures find the way back home. Can you make it through the levels filled with blocks of ice? You can play with different fun Jell... 4.1 Join the massive bejewelled match-3 competition in this game. Can you make the animals switch places and collect as many of them as you can before ... 4.1 Jelly Land Jelly Land Pop the jellies in the marble line. New Jellies will appear at the back, pushing everything forward. Do not let the Jellies reach the end of the li... 4.3 Wheely 6: Fairytale Wheely 6: Fairytale In this new installment in the Wheely series, the little red car Wheely and his girlfriend have been magically transported to the fairytale land by... 4.3 Pirate Hunter Pirate Hunter Sail the seven seas with your awesome pirate ship. But watch out because your are not the only one out there. Many other ships will try to attack y... 4.2 Solitaire Classic Easter Solitaire Classic Easter Can you play away all the Easter-themed cards by suit in this solitaire game? Try to find all the aces and stack away the cards from the ace to the... 4.2 The Best Pizza The Best Pizza The girl with the pink hair is ready to help you make the best pizza ever! Mix all the ingredients in the bowl to make the pizza dough first. Add a... 4.3 Cute Cookie Cut Cute Cookie Cut Can you cut the cookies into equal pieces with the knife? You have a limited amount of cuts, and you must end up with a certain amount of pieces. C... 4.2 5Dice 5Dice Throw the 5Dice and pick the ones you want to keep. Put the rest if the dice back into the cup, shake, and throw again. Can you make great combinat... 10 Waffle Words Waffle Words Try to make words with the letters in the grid. Make as many words as you can before the time is up. The longer the word, the more points you get. ... 4 Tetrix Tetrix Can you complete as many rows as possible in this Tetris game? Try to stack up the blocks and make complete rows. Clear the blocks before they stac... 4.2 Qinga Qinga Can you shoot all the dice at the snake made of dice? The snake is creeping closer to the centre of the field. Try to clear all the snakes before t... 1 Sevens Sevens Try to add up the dice to make seven each time. Use the red Joker dice to score a joker you can use to play away any dice in the game, or try to co... 4 Power Mahjong Power Mahjong Can you clear away all the tiles by matching up the pairs? Find free tiles with the matching images on them and play them away. Try to clear every ... 4.1

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Princess Apple

Princess Apple

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