Snap the Shape Japan Snap the Shape Japan Can you fit all the blocks into the shapes? Arrange the blocks so that everything fits. At the end of every puzzle you should have no blocks or emp... 5.1 Kiba and Kumba Puzzle Kiba and Kumba Puzzle Can you piece together these Kiba and Kumba jigsaw puzzles? You start out with only two pieces, but soon you can work your way up to many more. Inc... 5.1 Interlocked Interlocked The pieces of the block are locked together. Can you pull them apart? Slide all the pieces into place and see what sections you can pull free. Can ... 4.9 Help Papa Rob Help Papa Rob Someone has broken into Daddy Robs lab and broken all of his inventions into pieces. Can you help Rob the inventor put them back together again? C... 1 Pack It Up Pack It Up Pack It Up and move! Put all the stuff in the back of your car. It should fit! Just squeeze it in and fill it up. No problemo. 1 Rebuild The Earth Rebuild The Earth This puzzle game may not be easy, but it is very challenging! Complete the picture by alligning the pieces in the correct order. The image is about... 5.2 Zombie Puzzle Zombie Puzzle Zombies are back. They are stuck inside this puzzle game. Find all the pieces and put them into place. Drag each piece to the right place and voila... 1 Lion King Puzzle Lion King Puzzle Ah Timon, Pumba and Simba. Who does not know them. They are the famous characters from The Lion King. This famous picture has been split into piece... 5.5 Kitten Puzzle Kitten Puzzle Place the kitten over their shadows before time runs out. 1 Perspectite Perspectite Perspective doesnt exist in this game. Can you solve all puzzles? 1 The Toy Shop The Toy Shop Drag toy parts onto the work table and assemble the toy in the proper order. 1 Atoms Atoms Link these atoms for a perfect match! 1 The Smurfs Handy\'s Car The Smurfs Handy\'s Car Help Handy Smurf in assembling his car by replacing all of its parts correctly! 5.3 Arimasu Arimasu Put the elements on the board so every field will be filled. 1 Collisseum Puzzlel Collisseum Puzzlel Drag the puzzle pieces to the right spot until you solved the puzzle. 5.1
Puzzle Book

Puzzle Book

5.9 720


Every day a new jigsaw puzzle... Keep matching the available pieces until the puzzle is complete. The faster you play, the higher the score.


You can rotate the pieces with the right mouse button.

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birlos +0 I wonder why you don't show the puzzle book no more? I'd liked so much, please tell me if you ever are going to put it back again?
scrappy +0 correction to last email it should or read I can't get into any of the games now.
scrappy +0 I cat get into your games now---I also can't log into the email and/or face book because your program does not recognize my email or password. I would love to get in and play my favorite games..Hopefully you will resolve this soon.