Race Rush

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Race Rush

Drive around with your tiny car in lots of fun desktop themed levels in Race Rush. Avoid being hit by the other cars and collect all the stars to level up and unlock new levels to explore.

If you are hit by another car you will lose some of the stars you have collected so far. If you are very fast you can pick them up again, but they will disappear quite quickly. Make sure to swerve and dodge the other cars when you see them coming at you.

The only exception is when you have collected a power-up that will temporarily allow you to bash and destroy the other cars. Use the bombs to blow them up, use your shield to hit them without damaging your own car, or bash into them when they are frozen. A destroyed enemy car will also turn into a star you can collect, although these will vanish soon after they are created if you don’t collect them right away!

Destroyed enemy cars will soon regenerate somewhere else in the level, so don’t let your guard down! They will be back to get you soon enough!

Have fun playing Race Rush for free, here at Keygames.com!

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