Traffic CollisionTraffic CollisionRace down the road and try to avoid hitting any of the other cars or slamming into the guardrail. Can you reach the next checkpoint on time? Use the nitro 4Mini Race MadnessMini Race MadnessRace across the jungle track with your racing car. Can you overtake all your opponents? Try to grab all the coins and make the jumps to avoid the stic...4Earn to DieEarn to DieThis game has a lot of achievements to unlock, weapons, rims, boosts and the more zombies you hit, the more money your ear to buy this stuff. There ar...8Earn to Die 2012 Part 2Earn to Die 2012 Part 2In Earn To Die 2 Part 2 you'll have to drive through hordes of zombies! Upgrade your cars with sharp weapons to cut zombies in half. With the money yo...8Lose The Heat 3Lose The Heat 3If you love speed and adrenaline, Lose The Heat 3 game is just for you! In this amazing game you need to escape the police! Drive your car as fast as ...8Rally PointRally PointGet in your car and accelerate! ...8Track Online Racing: PursuitTrack Online Racing: PursuitPolice cars are coming! In Track Online Racing: Pursuit, you are about to play a great action car game! Destroy police cars by using your weapons and ...6Block RacerBlock RacerRace down the street and collect the coins. Switch lanes quickly by pressing the left or right arrow key to avoid the cars, trucks, traffic bariers, and ot6Demolition DriverDemolition DriverWho causes the most damage in one attempt? By choosing the right angle and speed you can really demolish the pile of cars in front of you....8Bus Driver WeekdaysBus Driver WeekdaysCan you make your way through the city as the school bus driver? Pick up the children and drop them at the right stops. Make sure you pick up fuel alo...6

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Drive from Tokyo to New York and avoid all traffic. Show your driving skills and use the nitro for extra speed.

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