Giant Hamster Run Giant Hamster Run Run through the city with the giant hamster. Can you collect the coins and avoid all the obstacles like parked cards and road blocks? Jump, dodge, ... 4.6 Hop Don't Stop Hop Don't Stop Run down the path with the rabbit. Try to dodge all the rocks and collect as many gems as you can. You can use the gems to purchase all kinds of po... 10 Fast Fried Fast Fried In this game you are a chicken. Run away from the chef in the kitchen fast, or youll get fried! Run and dodge the obstacles, jump over the furnit... 4.5 Tetramino´s Revenge Tetramino´s Revenge Can you dodge all the falling metronomes, the tetris blocks. Make sure none of the tetris blocks falls on your head, and try to destroy them with y... 4.4 Run 3 Run 3 Run and jump through the universe of Run 3. The successor of Run and Run 2 Run. Run, skate, float and jump through an endless blue tunnel in space.... 5 Cyber Rush Cyber Rush You are trapped inside a computer game and everything around you is falling apart. Now you must run! Unlock achievements and collect powerups along... 4.4 Bombaguy Bombaguy The sad fellow is locked up in a strange experiment. Try to avoid the dangerous bombs and explode them by using yours. Set the animals that escape ... 1 Total Pandamonium Total Pandamonium You have to go to the potty, but the Pandas wont let you. Rush and fight your way through! 4.5 Dilenger Dilenger Running and Jumping. Try to get as far as possible. 1 Canabalt Canabalt Canabalt is a simple, but nevertheless awesome stylish skill game. Jump and try to avoid all those obstacles and gaps. 1 British Bulldog British Bulldog Try to avoid as many people as possible, and make sure you dont get hit by any people. 4.4 Run Soldier Run Run Soldier Run Move your brave soldiers through this sidescrolling skill game and avoid all the missiles and bombs. 1 Music in Motion Music in Motion Jump and run, but dont fall out of the screen! 5 Ocean Survivor Ocean Survivor Swim in the sea without getting caught! 1 Ragdoll Invaders Ragdoll Invaders Your objective is to dodge enemy fire and kill each creature. Hordes of alien spaceships are invading the little ragdolls planet. But you are not d... 4.5

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Run 2 Run 2

Run 2 Run 2

4.6 3.136


Do the moonwalk, ehrm, space walk! Play this funny run 2 run game part now on our website!

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david wilo +0 ***********
david wilo +0 wow amazing game! ****://***********/
yolo2232 +0 this is annoyg meh what does the yellow thing do?
yolo2232 +0 11 you didn't have to move just go forward wtf that was easy
yolo2232 +0 im level 11 yh and I didn't like this game and its men to be a lot harder
yolo2232 +0 I have tried this but way to hard XD
SlimShady +0 dis game is bad oh
ashley180826 +0 the game is so fun and i love playing it
hollymia +0 stop all the rude words on the comments
SlimShady +0 **** you bitchessssss!lol
SlimShady +0 poop
shamerabaker +0 love this
emogirls +0 love da game
SlimShady +0 ****** up game
adamsevani123 +0 nice game i really like to climb the walls and everythung in the game
lolohall +0 bicthes
lolohall +0 haters
lolohall +0 are u guys crazy any body can read your conversations
lolohall +0 stuid losers
lolohall +1 so fun