Plunder Mars Plunder Mars Help captain Hermoso to Mars and plunder its riches before NASA does. Plunder Mars is a fun launcher game with a lot of upgrades, cool graphics and... 1 Escapin Bacon Escapin Bacon This brave piggie does a daring escape from the bacon factory. Hes doing well to fly out by jumping from platform to platform. But some platforms ... 4.2 Rock And Roll Rock And Roll Jump from the rotating casks. Time your jump right in order not to jump too early or too late. Collect many of the coins. 1 Sun Hop Sun Hop The Sun is coming Hop! Time is going faster and faster.. Hop from planet to planet and reach all Suns. Click at the right moment and be carefull fo... 4.1 Picking Nuts Picking Nuts Its fall. The perfect time for squirrels to pick nuts. Grab them from the tree! 1 Arctic Antics Arctic Antics Use the trampoline to bring everyone to the other side. 1 Penguin Ice Cream Penguin Ice Cream Try to catch as much ice cream as possible, but watch out for the bombs. 4.2 Egg Scramblers Egg Scramblers Spring has arrived, the eggs wanna go out into the field! Make sure they dont drop onto the floor! 1 Kaboom 2 Kaboom 2 Collect the black bombs and evade the red ones. 1 Fire in Funtown Fire in Funtown Fire in Funtown! Make sure the stuffed inhabitants land safely when they jump out of the window. 1 Bunny Jumping Bunny Jumping Try to bring the rabbits to the other end of the game. 1 Tomatoe Bounce Tomatoe Bounce Catch the tomatoes so they can land on the table. 1 Cargo Bounce Cargo Bounce Control the rowboat and help the pirates load their ship! 4.2 Chucky Chucky Help Chucky get across the river without falling into the water. 1 Jumping Troll Jumping Troll Control the mushroom to bounce the Troll and collect all food! 1

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Save the Hamster

Save the Hamster

9 70


Save as many Hamsters as needed to get to the next level.


Use the mouse to play the game.

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