Hills in Dream Hills in Dream Play Hills in Dream and slide across the hills as fast as you can with the little owl. In each level you will find a new, colourful dreamscape to r... 4.2 Stack Tower Classic Stack Tower Classic Stack a tower that is as tall as you can make it in this 3D stacking game. Stack the multicolour layers just right to avoid losing bits and pieces ... 4.1 Shoot Them All Shoot Them All Try to shoot the stars with your bullet as they hover from side to side. Make sure you dont miss, or youll have to start over again. How many con... 4.2 El Papel El Papel Meet El Papel! This Mexican fellow has no trouble eating burritos. Stretch his neck to solve 40 puzzles. You must help him to get the precious toi... 4.2 Arranje That Level Pack Arranje That Level Pack In this game you must remove blocks to make the other ones fit on the dotted lines. Blocks that are in the right spot will turn green, others that ... 4.1 Ballsy Bird Flap Ballsy Bird Flap Fly and avoid deadly tubes in this challenging game: Ballsy Bird Flap and go for the ultimate high score. Unlock 9 playable birds! Fly with the lef... 1 Samira Sew Shop Samira Sew Shop Welcome to Samiras sew shop! The place to repair your old and weathered clothes. This young lady is ready to make your clothes look like brand new... 4.1 The Great Bazooki The Great Bazooki Ladies and Gentleman! Here comes the Great Bazooki! Help him make a great show by throwing cards at baloons. Its a fun physics puzzle game that bo... 4.2 Shine Shine In this platform game you have to move through a dungeon. You have a shiny orb with you. But it must not touch anything or the game is over. 1 A Bonte Christmas A Bonte Christmas Your girlfriend is very picky on what she wants as christmas present. Travel around the world to find her the right presents. This christmas game h... 1 Empire Business Empire Business Tired of minimum wage? Work your way up to one million dollars. The only thing you have to do is collect all the money. 4.1 Numz 2 Numz 2 In Numz 2 you have to shoot the pink cat through each level of the game. Collect fish and reach the door safely. Watch out for the bees though! ;) 1 Sweet Floyd Sweet Floyd Sweet Floyd isnt pink, but he sure is sweet! In this game you must press buttons to activate or adjust them. Make sure that Floyd reaches the end ... 1 Bad Pig Perfect Couple Bad Pig Perfect Couple Bad Piggies also need some love! Even if the Angry Birds are more populair, they still deserve a chance. Help them find their way to their beloved ... 4.1 Bike Tyke Bike Tyke This is a new version of the famous game Paper Boy (and Paper Mario). You cycle through big streets and need to deliver newspapers. Be careful for ... 4.1

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Save the Penguin

Save the Penguin

9.9 440


Stack the blocks and keep the Penguin safe from harm.


Play this game with your mouse.

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