Leo's Red Carpet Rampage Leo's Red Carpet Rampage Run down the red carpet with Leonardo DiCaprio and help him chase down that long-awaited Oscar. Leo will have to dodge the paparazzi, jump icebergs... 4.2 Yeti Sensation Yeti Sensation Run down the path with the Yeti and make sure you avoid all the obstacles and the traps the Yeti hunters and the media have set for you. Can you co... 4.3 Santa Run 3 Santa Run 3 Run and jump with Santa to make it to the sled-stop (a bus stop for sleds) at the end of each level. Stomp on the blocks and also on the reindeer i... 4.1 Bug Match Bug Match Try to make bejewelled combinations of three of more bugs in this match-3 insects game. Can you clear away all the darkened tiles by making combina... 4.1 Strike Force Heroes 3 Strike Force Heroes 3 Run through the level with your character and try to shoot all the others. Can you grab the new guns and upgrades before your opponents do? Make su... 4.7 Delicious Emily's New Beginning Delicious Emily's New Beginning Emily and her husband Patrick nog have a baby. Emily wants to reopen her restaurant. Can you help her get back into business? Serve the customers a... 4.3 Shop Empire 3 Shop Empire 3 Your misson in this great game is to manage a mall and build an empire of shops and storefronts across multiple levels. Place shops, restaurants an... 4.3 This Is The Only Level This Is The Only Level Awesome moments are coming to you with This Is The Only Level game! You must bring elephant to finish point but things will be different on each le... 4.2 Robert The Scarecrow Robert The Scarecrow Roberts adventure as scarecrow begins here! In this platform game you must run, jump and fly. Collect many coins and be smart enough to dodge obst... 4 Money Movers Money Movers These two criminals need your assistance to escape from this maximum secured prison! Collect as much money as you can and try not to get caught by ... 4.4 Steak and Jack Steak and Jack Help the buddies Steak and Jack deliver milk to the farm. There are many obstacles along the way, but bird Jack can fill these up with colors. Make... 4.2 Beast Battle Beast Battle In Beast Battle you can become a warrior or magician. Clear enemy territory while collecting crystals to boost your defense or attack power. There ... 4.2 Beneath The Trolls Beneath The Trolls In this platform game Beneath The Trolls you must make it to the surface. Jump platforms and shoot down trolls. Use WASD and your mouse to move. 1 Merry Township Merry Township In Merry Township you will have to search and find hidden objects. Find them within the time limit and click them. There are multiple levels you ca... 4.1 Final Charge Final Charge Run, jump and climb walls like its nothing! This is an excellent retro platform game where your goal is to activate all beacons. 1

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Shin Chan Adventure

Shin Chan Adventure

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Everything is about the candy and sweets, collect all items in the level to go to the next one. You can kill enemies by jumping on them. Let the adventure begin!


Play this game with your keyboard.

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