Text Twist 2 Text Twist 2 Look at all the jumbled letters. You will receive six letters per round. Try to rearrange them into as many different words as you can. Find the lo... 4.5 Finders Critters Finders Critters Try to save as many little critters as you can by breaking the blocks and letting the little creatures drop to the bottom of the level. You can bre... 4.3 Monster Mahjong Monster Mahjong Play a fun game of Monster Mahjong. Instead of the regular Chinese mahjongg tiles you get to play with all kinds of colourful creepy crawlies and m... 4.6 Mahjong Collision Mahjong Collision This is not your ordinary game of Mahjong! Make the tiles collide to clear them from the board. You can move the tiles in any direction, but they w... 4.4 Mahjong Pyramid Mahjong Pyramid Play a fun game of pyramid mahjong. The tiles are all stacked up like a pyramid. Can you pair up the identical ones to play them away? Find the mat... 4.5 Binary Bears Binary Bears Fill in a zero or a one in every cell in the grid. You cannot have more than 2 zeros or ones in a row or column. Every row or column must be differ... 4.5 Pretty Puzzle Princess Pretty Puzzle Princess Can you find the words hidden in the grid. Collect all the worlds listed below. Keep looking until you find them all. Can you stripe out all the wo... 4.3 Satoshis Secret Satoshis Secret Is this your lucky day? Lets play this super Satoshis Secret game and learn! All you need to do is to spin the reels and try to match the symbols... 4.3 Magic Mahjong Magic Mahjong Help the wizard destroy the magic mahjong tiles by finding the matching pairs. Can you find the playable tiles and blast them with your magic power... 4.4 Woblox Woblox Can you move all the wooden blocks out of the way and get the green block to reach the arrows indicating the exit? See how you can move the blocks ... 4.4 Epic Fruits Epic Fruits Schiet al de fruitmonsters voordat ze je kasteel kunnen slopen. Probeer ze allemaal te raken met je eigen fruit. Schiet met je katapult en probeer ... 4.1 Robot Snow Tiger Robot Snow Tiger Build you own robot tiger. Put all the pieces in the right place until the robot snow tiger is done. After that, you can use the tiger to destroy p... 5.4 Mahjong Adventure Mahjong Adventure Take a walk through the woods and play lots of fun mahjong connect games along the way. Can you match up all the animals in pairs? The line between... 4.6 Mixed World Mixed World Use the blue blocks to push all the red balls off the platforms so that they tumble out of the levels. The other blocks can help the blue block sli... 4.5 BLOCnog BLOCnog Can you move the block through the levels and land on the right tiles? You will have to pick up other blocks along the way to fill all the striped ... 4.6

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6.5 1.964


Connect two of a kind. Only images close to eachother can be bound to eachother.


Play this game with your mouse.

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