The Explosive Squad 2 The Explosive Squad 2 Run through the levels and shoot all the deadly alien robots. Every couple of levels you will face a powerful boss. Dodge and shoot your attackers ... 3.9 BattleStick BattleStick Have you always loved violent Stickman games? Then you will love the free-to-play stickman game BattleStick. BattleStick is a fast-paced 2D MMO fig... 4.2 Rabbit Zombie Defense Rabbit Zombie Defense Theres a zombie virus spreading through the rabbit world, and its turning the rabbits into zombies. Can you stop them from reaching the bunker? H... 4.1 Stick Squad 4 Stick Squad 4 Accompany the two slightly stupid and very trigger-happy Stick Squad agents on a new mission. De StickBook database has been hacked, and national s... 4.3 The Last Wings 2 The Last Wings 2 In this game you are a soldier fighting off the zombie hordes. Can you help your army unit shoot the zombies, search the different areas for suppli... 4.2 Rope'n'Fly Rope'n'Fly Youre in a city full of tall buildings and youre falling from the sky. Throw a rope at the nearest building and sling through the air like Spider... 3.9 Wanted Hobo Wanted Hobo Our crazy hero Hobos exciting adventure is going on at full speed. Hobo escaped from prison and the government wants him dead or alive. In this am... 4.6 Building Blaster Building Blaster Detonate blocks by adding explosives. Move an explosive to a location and press detonate. Theres a whopping 50 levels that you can play for free! 4.3 Wippo Wop Wippo Wop Very enjoyable times are coming to you with this amazing Wippo Wop game! Some creatures are about to capture all city. Only this reckless cops can ... 4.2 Bazooki Pocalypse Bazooki Pocalypse Select your favorite weapon and kill hordes of dangerous zombies! Shoot every zombie and beat all the levels. Good luck! 4.1 20 Seconds to Die 20 Seconds to Die This is not a real game, but an animation that shows eight different and creative ways to kill your opponent. Can you choose from the most deadly t... 4.4 Feed Us Happy Feed Us Happy The most feared piranha is back in the style of Flappy Bird. Avoid all obstacles and eat everything you find around you. But be careful with sharks... 4.2 Rooftop Challenge Rooftop Challenge Always dreamed of running and jumping on rooftops? Thats very dangerous of course! But Stickman is not affraid. How far can you get? 4 Frantic Sky Frantic Sky Control a small spacecraft in a fight against enemy forces that try to take over the airspace. He shoots automatically, you just need to avoid enem... 1 Sift Heads Cartels Act 3 Sift Heads Cartels Act 3 The story of Vinnie continues in Sift Heads Cartels Act 3! His team takes revenge. But not everything goes as planned. Vinnie ends up in a dificult... 4.3

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Sift Heads 3 Full Version

Sift Heads 3 Full Version

4.1 1.754


The time has come! Now you are able to kill all mafia in the full version of 'Sift Heads 3'!


Use your mouse and keyboard to play this game.

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