Decimated Decimated In this game you have to help your soldier survive the zombie apocalypse. Can you support your army unit and provide backup? Kill zombies, search f... 4.7 Infectonator Survivors Infectonator Survivors Blast your way through the zombie infected streets. Surviving the zombie virus is not an easy task. The streets are riddled with undead. Your goal ... 5.2 Pirate Bay Pirate Bay Help defend the pirate bay by sinking all enemy ships. Destroy each ship by shooting them down with your cannons. Can you stop them all? 4.7 Hipstercalypse Hipstercalypse YOLO! Travel in time with your Windows95 pc and stop the Hipstercalypse in this funny adventure game. Update your pc to and from the future. Discov... 4.4 Killstorm Demo Killstorm Demo Prepare yourself for a battle in the sky. Step into a helicopter gunship and destroy your enemies without mercy. 4.7 Rooftop Challenge Rooftop Challenge Always dreamed of running and jumping on rooftops? Thats very dangerous of course! But Stickman is not affraid. How far can you get? 4.5 Emit Emit You have landed on an alien planet where you will take out hostile soldiers. Earn XP (experience points) points, level up and upgrade your abilitie... 4.6 Stickman Freestyle BMX Stickman Freestyle BMX Stickman does some tricks on his brandnew BMX. Nothing is too dangerous for him, but he needs a little bit of your help. Use the keyboard to contro... 4.7 Davey Jones TD Davey Jones TD The pirate Davey Jones travels in Davey Jones Tower Defence over the seven seas. He must fight against large monsters to protect lost souls. Place ... 4.6 King's Rider King's Rider Ride your horse in this Kings Rider game. The forest is filled with dangerous enemies. There are orcs and dark mages waiting to challenge you an... 4.6 Sift Heads Cartels Act 2 Sift Heads Cartels Act 2 Vinnie is back with his teammates Kiro and Shorty. They were in the midst of a fight when suddenly they get interrupted by some clan members. They ... 4.3 Escaping The Prison Escaping The Prison You are once again locked up in jail. Luckily for you have plenty of experience escaping them. Are you choosing the legal way, the sneaky way or th... 4.8 Make Friends Don't Bake Them Make Friends Don't Bake Them How far can you run alone? The only thing you have to do is to reach the exit. Ah, theres one problem though! You cant breath in the dark. So be ... 4.5 Stickman Sam 9 Stickman Sam 9 Shoot colors in Stickmans black & white world. The game has 21 surprising levels and 1 gun, with of course a lot colors! Can you survive this dark ... 4.3 Joywalking Joywalking Come on, and cross the road! Theres nothing to fear crossing the highway right? Try to get as many stickmans across the road. Alive of course. The... 4.7

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Sift Heads 3 Full Version

Sift Heads 3 Full Version

4.2 1.752


The time has come! Now you are able to kill all mafia in the full version of 'Sift Heads 3'!


Use your mouse and keyboard to play this game.

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