Fly With Rope 2 Fly With Rope 2 Sling your ropes and latch on to the structures to swing. How far will you be able to swing with your stickman ragdoll? Make sure you preserve enou... 4.3 Bible Fight Bible Fight There is another, lost chapter to the Bible no one has ever read. A grand contest of strength has been organized by the Almighty and now the greate... Ragdoll Ball Ragdoll Ball Try to touch the football to turn it your colour, and then dont let your opponent touch it. Can you keep the ball your colour for as long as possi... 4.3 Rope'n'Fly Rope'n'Fly Youre in a city full of tall buildings and youre falling from the sky. Throw a rope at the nearest building and sling through the air like Spider... 4.2 Zombudoy 3: Pirates Zombudoy 3: Pirates Zombies are coming again! They want to take pirates treasures. Your mission in this amazing adventure is to kill them all and dont not let them t... 4.3 Siege Hero: Pirate Pillage Siege Hero: Pirate Pillage Pirates are coming! Only you can save the innocent villagers from the angry pirates. Dont let them to steal all treasures here! Use your strategy ... 4.2 Zombie Incursion Zombie Incursion Zombies are coming! Its time for you to defend your city from evil zombies. Take the gun and try to shoot them as soon as possible, otherwise they... 4.3 Stick: Gangster Duel Stick: Gangster Duel In this amazing Stick: Gangster Duel game, very challenging moments are waiting for you! Enemy stick figures are falling down from air and you have... 4.1 Stick Blender Stick Blender Defend the blender against a giant wave of attacking stickmans. Throw them into the blender where they will be crushed into a bloody drink! Enjoy! 4.4 Vex 3 Vex 3 Vex is a challenging (and bloody) platform game. You must be quick and skillful to reach the next level. You control a small man in a world full of... 4.7 Rooftop Challenge Rooftop Challenge Always dreamed of running and jumping on rooftops? Thats very dangerous of course! But Stickman is not affraid. How far can you get? 3.9 Stickman Comic Book Movie Stickman Comic Book Movie Stickman goes to Hollywood to show his muscled body on the big screen. Together with his cape he flies through the air like Superman. He must prote... 4.1 Angry Gran Run Grannywood Angry Gran Run Grannywood Oh no Granny has escaped from the asylum! She runs on the streets of Grannywood! Help her dodge obstacles, jump, slide and collect all the coins. D... 4.3 Clear Vision 4 Clear Vision 4 In Clear Vision 4 you have to take out enemies. Read every mission briefing carefully. Locate your targets and kill them with a telescopic sight. 4.2 Spider Stickman Spider Stickman This Spider Stickman has the same abilities as Spiderman! Shoot a web and swing from platform to platform. How far can you get? 4.2

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Sift Heads 3 Full Version

Sift Heads 3 Full Version

4.1 1.757


The time has come! Now you are able to kill all mafia in the full version of 'Sift Heads 3'!


Use your mouse and keyboard to play this game.

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